Lysithea fodder question

So a while ago I pulled a spare OG Lysithea. While it would be cool to merge her, that wouldn’t be happening for a while and isn’t even on my radar. I would rather upgrade my +10 Lilina, who I’ve had for a bit, and was debating about upgrading further anyway.

Now the question is, other than DB 4, what do I give her? Time’s Pulse is obviously great, and it isn’t like I have a lot of other C slot options available. On the other hand, her Lull is nice as well. Obviously Lilina wouldn’t get much use from the speed part, but the res part would be very useful. Lull attack res would be ideal, but 1. I don’t have the fodder and 2. if she is supposed to be one-shoting anyway she also doesn’t need the attack Lull.

I could give her special spiral from the Lewyn manual, but with no cooldown acceleration and the fact her legendary version exists (which I don’t have, but hey, maybe I’ll pull one in the future) it seems special spiral isn’t really worth giving to her.

I do have some other options, such as Sturdy Impact from Tibarn, but Lysithea just seems the best option, and again, with trying to one shot the impact skill seems pointless (and the +2 attack from DB4 more appealing)

So again, Lull or Time’s Pulse?

  • Lull spd/res
  • Time’s Pulse
  • Other (please specify in comments)

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Probably time’s pulse imo. There are many other b slot alternatives, but c slot alternatives are… meh pretty much all the time. You can use it to precharge a special, or something.


My take is that the damage you would gain from more quickly and reliably firing off your special is much better than from the base -3 res and nullifying visible res buffs. It’s more consistent from the perspective that visible buffs aren’t always run anyways.

Besides, Time’s Pulse is much rarer than Lull x/Res skills. Only 4 units have TP, 2 are limited, and of the two regular units, one has deadeye.


I did think of using it + IP and SS, but that’s a bunch of fodder.

I’m biased, but take the Time’s Pulse. Glimmer every single action is really good with her tome and DB4. Also her speed’s just not that good, unless you’re specifically building toward it. Meaning you’d want Swift Sparrow 3 or Atk/Spd Push 4 instead of Death Blow anyway.


Alright, well that was overwhelming. I’ll do a TP and SS build. Don’t think I’ll run QP like CrystalElemental, but probably another attack buff like DB in the seal for even more power. I’ll just run her on an IP team cause her HP is low.