Lysithea Fodder

Hi all, pretty basic question here so I’ll save you my preamble.
Just got a free -Atk Lysithea, and since I already have a +Atk -Def one I was thinking I could fodder her off. Who is a good user of her skills? Probably most likely to fodder her for Death Blow 4 and/or Lull Spd/Res 3, since I have a spare Lif for TP3.


My standard answer for “I pulled X unit, who do I fodder their skills to” questions:

There is nothing forcing you to make that decision right now. If you can’t make the decision for yourself, then chances are you won’t know how to properly use that fodder anyway. So think it over and learn what you want to do and the roles you need to fulfill before making the decision to fodder.

insert obligatory “Lysithea is best girl, don’t fodder” comment that I’m sure everyone who saw me typing was expecting me to say


Find a slaying bow user, give deadeye, drop off DB4 and TP, receive benefits.

But as TMFM said, there’s no rush. That’s some premo fodder right there that you’re gonna want to think about and only give to a +10 favorite unit.


Yeah, just save her for a rainy day.
or give her to me :feh_morganagrom:


(thank you mods for altering my topic, i tried to but it wouldn’t let it save >:(

but yes this is all good advice. i’m not intending on foddering her ASAP, i was just wondering if there were any like “oh well x users are good users of db4 and times pulse” or something

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Yep, just save your folder for a rainy day. You’ll always need something later on and it will be worth having waiting for you!

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Of course, Rein likes DB4 and that Lull if you have him! :feh_reinyes:


Ok I’m just going to say that yes, you have a lot of free time to think which unit could benefit for Lysithea’s, lulls are really good, however imma show you my Ewan, who I gave him the food, despite all, he is a nuker,and one that I had patience on his game, as why he likes to prank, he is not Really loud and arrogant with his knowledge, though being proud of yourself is nice, just that if you want to inherit her times pulse, I would recommend, an archer too
With all that, he could handle a merged Kiria, it was pretty crazy to see that

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Just had a similar question, and ended up giving her to my +10 Lilina. Gave DB4 and TP, then special spiral from the Lewyn manual we got a long time ago. With IP she can now just vaporize units constantly.