Lysithea or Sonya- Special Spiral

I finally have enough of the Toilet Paper to get the Lewyn manual! Between Lysithea and Sonya, who would generally be able to use it best? I sometimes use Lysithea in Aether Raids but i’d be willing to use Sonya a bit more too if Special Spiral works really well on her. (Pardon the janky not full builds :feh_catria:)

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I don’t think it’s a good investment of resources to use your Divine Codes for a skill like Special Spiral tbh. That’s like half a year worth of gameplay for a skill in the permanent pool, and the other units in the Jugdral path aren’t that great, bar Ishtar for SS3, and it doesn’t seem like you have enough codes for her.

But to answer the question, Lysithea does fine with her base kit. The bane is unfortunate, but the boon is perfect. I don’t like Sonya much because she can’t loop high CD specials due to her weapon not having a slaying effect. Lysithea doesn’t have this problem. I’m incredibly biased toward Lysithea though, but she’d be my choice here for sure. Sonya’s refine only helps her turn 1, but Lysithea’s slaying effect is always active and will last in longer fights.


Since Lysithea has times pulse I think Sonya would benefit more to have SS

Definitely go with Lysithea, she hits harder and will likely remain relevant in the meta for much longer. Look, even without the +5 atk from Life & Death or a merge she still has the higher attack stat. Also the slaying effect makes Lysithea even more consistent as a special nuker and her current kit is already great, if you went with Sonya you would also have to fodder a better A and C skill to her.

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I don’t think Lysithea even needs special spiral? What special would you give her? Draconic aura maybe? You would need one infantry pulse to make it work anyways. I think her lull + glimmer is better than special spiral.




It does, but the question is honestly just how far you’re willing to go for her. Special Spiral is really premium and I think you should be putting Special Spiral on Sonya only if you REALLY use her a lot and want her to be extremely consistent.

That’s true, but aren’t the other paths even worse? Specially in the three first units. :feh_eirikathink: Or so I thought, anyway. What path do you think is the best? I haven’t spent any TP yet.

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I think the Tellius path is pretty good. Leanne has Flier Formation, Elincia has Cloud Maiougi, Lethe has Spd/Def Solo (which is ONLY on her), Tanith has HC+, and Greil has Fury 4.

Awakening/Fates is also decent with Vengeful Fighter, Blue Flame, Close Counter, and NFU.

Blades/Sacred Stones is okay, but Bold Fighter is on like everyone these days. Amelia has Armor March at least, which is for some reason still 5 star locked. Hector has DC, which also is on a fair amount of units that I can’t justify spending 6000 codes for it.

Mystery/Shadows and Heroes are trash lol. Niche fodder options, but overall not worth the codes at all.


Hahah, yeah… I went Mystery/Shadows because I wanted Disarm trap.


Disarm Trap was tempting for me too, ngl. But I decided not to spend codes for it and rolled the gacha instead. Got blessed with Larum on Edelgard’s banner

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Yeah… my story is exactly the same except I dipped into it instead of waiting until I had all the codes I needed to reach there. :fgo_deadinside:

Fair point, I didn’t think a lot about the Tellius one. Flier Formation is in two grail units, but then again, the first unit never has great fodder. Cloud Maiougi is nice, and so is Atk/Spd Push 3 so you can :feh_inherit: both the tier 4 version + one more skill from the unit you’re getting it from. Spd/def solo is ehh, but the last two units are good, too.

The others don’t interest me at all since I don’t use armor units, but Close Counter in the Awakening pool is nice for people who don’t have it (good thing I got lucky with Takumi free summons).


Yeah I wasn’t going to spend a single code until I knew exactly what I wanted and had enough to afford it. Even now I still haven’t spent any. I’m leaning toward waiting for more paths now, actually. I don’t necessarily need anything these units provide, and I imagine future paths will be better.


Same! Unfortunately, I think when they make different paths, they’ll be “Part 2 Toilet Paper” and we won’t be able to use our current ones, but maybe we can exchange them? Even if at a bad rate? Or maybe they’ll be nice (haha IS being nice) and make more Part 1 paths? Idk, I’d rather wait and see.


The codes don’t specify where they can and can’t be used, so I’m hoping we can use them for future paths and the current paths are just bait. But only time will tell.

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My $0.02 is neither. Lysithea does amazing with her base kit, and to me Sonya is kinda meh unless you’re going to really invest in merges.

OTOH, nukes like Ophelia, L!Celica and Igrene put it to great use with spam AoE builds.

If forced to choose, I’d vote for Lys, she’s going to remain relevant longer than Sonya, IMO

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Slaying effects and Special Spiral has always had nice synergy. Personally, LnD4, SS AoE Lysithea has worked wonders for me.

Eh, it is true that Lys’s base kit is pretty good, but imo special spiral is what unlocks Lysithea’s full potential.

Lysithea’s Prf gives an additional +6 Atk when her special is ready. It’s worth reminding the fact that even if you had IP or/and Time’s Pulse, the special will only be guaranteed ready for the first engagement of the turn. So if you dance our cake-loving red nuke around, Time’s Pulse won’t be reducing the CD of your specials again. And if you want to use 3 CD specials (effective 2 with the slaying effect), Special Spiral is required to fully pre-charge those specials.

(On a side note, the +6 Atk isn’t in effect when you’re running AoE Lys, but at that point, you’re making the calculation that the AoE dmg is greater than the +6 from the Prf effect.)

Precharged 3 CD specials with the additional +6 gained from her Prf is almost always going to be better than what Lull Spd/Res can give.

Anyways, I think with the way the Repel/Close Call effects are going, especially with with more and more units being released with high Spd, Lys (Neutral Spd of 37) is a better investment than Sonya (Neutral Spd of 31).

At some point I will have to figure out WTH to do with these


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Honestly she doesn’t even really need all the speed she has. She usually just one shots things.

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