M!Corrin/Mathilda combo

So I’ve got a few reaaaaaal old 5* Corrins and Mathildas lying around and thought I could make something of it. I threw some not too expensive builds together but I’m kinda stuck on what IVs to use on Corrin

any suggestions on builds is also welcome

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Eh, M!Corrin I can understand not running at max merges, but, like most gen 1 and even gen 2 units, I don’t recommend running Mathilda without max merges because they get mollywhopped real quick.

Is this for a specific game mode, or for PvE content? Or is this just basic theorycrafting? Finding out what this is for can make this easier as far as builds go.


Most of my builds I run with PvE in mind, but try to make them useable for arena assault. They’re not max merge because I’m working on a few other merge projects right now. Plus I think the massive +15 to all stats Corrin provides when adjacent somewhat makes up for it

Well, it mostly depends on the content. PvE (as in story mode and maybe Squad Assault/Chain Challenges) is typically easy in general and Arena Assault is mostly about bringing the right unit to counter one of the enemies. A lot of the time they don’t even have to have the best build. I’ve brought 4* merged units with gem weapons and simple skills (like Speed +3 for that instance) and did fine.

I’m not sure if using, what, 80k feathers just for easy PvE and a few Arena Assault runs is really worth it. Maybe for Corrin, but definitely not for Mathilda.