M!Robin Builds?

I just refined him the other day, feel like I should build him up finally. He currently looks like this:
+Atk (-HP), +1 merged, +0 df
Tactical Bolt (+Eff)
Spur Def/Res
Spur Def/Res
I don’t have CC fodder (have a +2 Takumi though, lol) but if I do it has a good chance of going to him. (Probs not keeping TA.) Help? I can rework his IVs too.

Are you planning high investment on him?

Well it kind of depends on the role you want for him in your tactics team. This is a set I’m running on him at the moment. Had speed refined blarowl before his weapon refine came out. I find with proper team support he returns the favor, has strong blue offense and a colorless archer check for fliers.

Probably not HUGE investment but maybe could spend a premium fodder or two…

I honestly think he’s fine at low budget. Getting qr3 might be nice and maybe drives instead of spurs, but otherwise he’s fine.

Robin just does 2 simple jobs.
Buff his allies
Counter 2 colors.