Machamp on Team Go Rocket battles

So, I have a double-legacy Machamp for some time ago and I’ve maxed him out to use it on raids. I know Lucario is way better both on raids and Rocket battles, but as a second option against rockets which moves are better? I know for a fact Dynamic Punch isn’t the best option out there. My Machamp has Karate Chop as a fast move, and DynamicPunch + Stone Edge for it’s charged moves.

Is it worth to change DynamicPunch for Cross Chop or change something else?

For Rocket battles, Counter and Cross Chop are your best options for Machamp. Karate Chop and Counter have identical energy generation in grunt battles, but Counter deals significantly more damage. Cross Chop costs 35 energy to Dynamic Punch’s 50, so you’ll be able to fire it off almost twice as often and burn their shields down faster/keep them stun-locked.

Since Karate Chop is legacy, you understandably may not want to TM that away. Counter is ridiculous though, so your Machamps for Rocket battles should ideally have it.


Keep your double legacy Machamp for collection purposes and get a new one.
The new Machamp, should have Counter + Cross Chop + Dynamic/RockSlide
Cross Chop is your shieldbreaker
Dynamic Punch is the damage dealer (and it’s the best for raids)
Rock Slide is an option to steamroll a flying pokemon that’s next on the lineup

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I agree with previous commenters that it’d better to raise another Machamp and leave your double legacy as it is.

For rocket leader battles, I’d use the moveset Counter + Cross Chop/Rock Slide + Close Combat/Dynamic Punch.

Cross Chop is ideal for shield breaking, but Rock Slide has acceptable performance and can provide extra coverage if you’re short on TM.

Close Combat is more efficient than Dynamic Punch in PVP format after the recent buff, as it now costs less energy and deals more damage than DP. It has a debuff on defense, thus functioning as a nuke before going down. But if you want to double duty your Machamp in Rocket and raids, then Dynamic Punch is the way to go. It’s essential for raids and has adequate performance in rocket battles.

I had two 100% maxed Machamps with C/DP+RS. Reading this thread I decided to change one of them. I TM’d away DP and got Close Combat, so then I TM’d away Rockslide and got Cross Chop. Testing both of them leading vs Blanche team leader training, the C/Close Combat+Cross Chop beat Suicune, Metagross, and half of Articuno. Burned one shield, Suicune had bubble beam.

A followup test, The C/DP+RS Used both shields and didn’t make it thru the Metagross, that used psychic to finish my Machamp.

***The new Machamp C/CC+CC did beat Spark team trainer, used both shields, Zapdos had drill peck. The C/DP+RS beat spark too, using both shields, but bc Zapdos got hurt by the rock slide. Anyway wanted to see if Close Combat really a reasonable option, seems to be good


Well since the rocket leaders have changed their pokemon line up they don’t really pose much of a challenge the cry babies that complained oh its too hard got their way but anyway cross chop machamp is essential for shield shredding and if you have dynamic punch along with it then your sorted and enjoy the damage it causes lol

I think the lineup changes were more for the sake of variety and I expect they’ll change again down the line. The CP nerf to the Rocket leaders’ Mons, however, was likely due to people saying they were too hard.

That said, even with the old lineups, Arlo was the only one I found occasionally challenging. Primarily when his Scyther had Fury Cutter/X-Scissor and would burn through my shields just as fast as I burned through his.

And in my opinion, Cliff’s damn Stantler is way more obnoxious than the Meowth he used to lead with.

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That Stantler be getting on my nerves for real son …


Yeah I actually agree with you there that stantler do pack a punch or shall I say antlers lol I don’t mind variety but Arlo going from a good scyther to a bagon wasn’t the best switch in the world