Madhouse Mafia [R4] - Hunter x Hunter Mafia : Day Thread Part II

Mafia Madhouse: Round Four || Day Discussion Thread: Part 2 - Killua’s House

Player Count

5 Mafia || 2 Neutral Entities || 16 Town

  1. @Averdi
  2. @LeiCiel
  3. @bluebell
  4. @Shuriken-of-Sacae
  5. @RoyAhoy
  6. @Argon
  7. @Pokyo
  8. @Lain
  9. @Wyan
  10. @lordhelpme
  11. @TMFM
  12. @Eflakis
  13. @ShinxDaSphinx
  14. @kayonov
  15. @GamingBro1
  16. @ACExDiscostu93
  17. @Minutiae
  18. @Cutiepie67
  19. @The-beast
  20. @andylong1014
  21. @Agayracer
  22. @Z3R0N3
  23. @Kirchou


Remember, if these rules aren’t followed, the entire game may be ruined, so let’s do our best to keep them intact!

If you have questions, PM me

  1. You are not allowed to send a Private Message to anyone else about this Mafia Round except for the GMs. The exception is the Mafia team, who have a group private message.
  2. You are not allowed to post any Private Message from the GMs in this thread.
  3. You can claim whatever you want in this thread, but nothing is confirmed unless a GM confirms it.
  4. For Town to win, they need to kill all Mafia members. For Mafia to win, they need to kill all Town members. For the Third Party… well, they’ve got a specific win con.
  5. Don’t delete messages. It breaks the spirit of the game by functioning as a pseudo-PM, annoys everyone who didn’t see the message, and handicaps the fight heavily in favor of Town.

Welcome to Madhouse

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Another reminder


when does the fodder come out

Another reminder

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NY! Corrin is precious.


Umm… Well… If you say so :eyes:


Ok, but someone’s gotta tell him that socks with sandals are not in fashion


It’s tradition, stfu

I forgot which art I liked I think it was damaged


Anyway as I was trying to say

I like the wholesomeness of the NY banner. It just gives off a real nice calming vibe. My favorite units being Azura and Fjorm. Will probably add Eir to that list now

That’s adrift Corrin

I’ve gone for so long not noticing that.
Next to L!Leif’s nonexistant sleeves, I’m basically blind.

its both


Very true, Eir is great fodder.

whats she even have

don’t tempt me, I like that dagger but damn I want to merge her

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Brazen atk/res and her dagger

And spd tactic

Swift Sparrow at 4 stars. :feh_kleinyes: