Mae +10 Builds: IV and Skill Ideas

I wanted my next merge project to be either Mae or Tailtiu, and with Sigrun offering perfect Def/Res Link fodder, in the words of *NSYNC: it’s gonna be Mae.

I want a support build that packs a punch.

It seems like maybe the best option is to go with a +Atk IV and a “Blue Lilina” with something like Death Blow and an Attack seal (or new Sturdy Blow seal?)

Alternatively, it’s tempting to go +Spd. That seems a little tricky because she won’t have Desperation, so to double safely she might need something like Sturdy Impact. Her speed also is not fantastic, so this probably needs Darting Blow seal to be consistent.

I also don’t have great high end fodder for boosting attack at the moment (no Impact or DB4) so I am open to other ideas that preserve her quad link capability.

For reference here are her +10 stats with each IV set. Book of Orchids is not in any builder yet so I had to use Shine+ and a seal to get the numbers right, but obviously ignore those.

FYI this unit builder is the newest one which is constandly updated and has all the new stuff in it, also Mae’s refine:


Thanks. I think I’m going to do this…

That’s showing her fully buffed.

Sturdy Impact would arguably be better but oh well