Mafia Madhouse [R5] - Known Hostile Skills

Making this a wiki. Edit in information we learn about all known hostiles to minimize the number of bookmarks we have to keep from day threads.

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Rewrite History - Survive your first fatal blow in the game and use izagnagi to fake your death. You will not be allowed back into the game until x nights have passed. X = The amount of overkill damage that should have been done to you. Although, the # of nights cannot exceed 4.

Face of the First Hokage - You can only take a maximum of one damage from a target player per night, so abilities that deal more damage or strike twice will have no effect on you. Lastly, you will heal 1 HP at the beginning and end of the night. If you started the night with full HP then you will heal 2 at the end.


Actives used on Night 5

Active 1:

Kinky Bitch (Priority 1) - Choose a target player and restore 1 HP to them. You will receive the actions of anyone you heal for the following two nights. You may enhance this with any of the following each night:

  • Have this ability occur at the beginning of the night before any other actions can occur.
  • Heal two targets that night (Cooldown -1)
  • Restore double HP. (Cooldown -1)
  • Make your target heal one point of HP each time they are hit that night. (Cooldown -2)
  • Grant your target an extra action (Cooldown -2)

Active 2:

Adamantine Sealing Chains - Wrap your chains round a target player to do up to three of the following each night:

  • BDSM Enthusiast (Priority 1) - Block a target player for the night and you may apply one of the following abilities this:

    • Make this block stop all of a target player’s actions with lower priority than this one
    • Force a cooldown on the ability you blocked
    • Use this block as a fake one to show up in the story against a title of your choosing
  • The Chain User (Priority 1) - Attack a target player and deal one point of damage that will also allow you to counter your first attacker that night. You may apply one of the following abilities to enhance this:

    • Restrict your target with your chains to make sure their very next hostile ability against you fails and to prevent this ability from being countered.

    • If this ability is blocked, attack that player instead.

    • Use this attack as a fake one to show up in the story against a title of your choosing

Orochimaru‘s true identity


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