Mage team is completed! ♥

I have finally finished my team, I’ve been waiting for the last merge for my nino, and Fury 4 to come out! Now all there is to do is to get flowers…Oh oops… I forgot to equip Azura her special lol.



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Dude. You just created ultimate cancer.

i love it :doublelion:

8 :clap: fuckin’ :clap: defence :clap: :bklul:


8 fuckin defense is the meta.

It’s interesting you have L&D on two of your units, but neither is Ophelia…
Other than that, :ok_hand:

azura’s defense is giving me anxiety.

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I would of used Life & Death with Ophelia, but my main focus with Ophelia is overall atk. She should be killing with the first blow after Blazing Wind rather than a follow up attack. She already has a high enough speed along with boosted stats from L.Azura, it’s going to be quite hard for her to be doubled. And that’s also why i picked Death Blow 4, to boost up atk as much as possible.

Honestly, I didn’t know how to build up L.Azura, she was just my dancer and that was it lmao. She’s more of a convenience than anything.

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Oh I wasn’t focused on her speed. Rather, AOE specials only use visible attack, not in combat. So L&D boosts Blazing Wind but DB4 does not. That’s all I meant there.

I love using Ophelia in Legendary Hero Battles, because I also Use Bridal Ninian, Legendary Azura and Lene. Every time I hit someone with Blazing Light (and it’s already charged, and Ophelia has Special Spiral 3) I say “ZAPPA!”