Magia Account Giveaway

Okay, I tried but I just can’t get as motivated to play this religiously. Doesn’t help that FGO’s in it’s Anniversary with 1/2 AP on Dailies. I even ended up going two, almost three days, without logging in at all.

So I decided to give this account away to someone who can take better care of it. The most notable Girls are Madoka (4* Lvl 80), Homura (4* 80), and Rena (5* 74). Iroha is only at 2* level 50.

Anyone who wants it, send me a DM. I’ll check back in about 8 hours, and roll a dice to decide if more than one wants it.


tbh, that rena would be super tempting, if I didn’t already have my own acount decently well progressed on

hopefully you can find someone though

lmao, literally right after posting that

i dont get it
is taht her bond ce?


Just gave it away a few hours ago.

As much as I really want to play, I just don’t have the time between FGO, work, and other RL obligations.

There’s a way to re-watch the story scenes anyway, right? I’ll probably just go bug my friend to let me watch them on his account whenever new chapters come out. :rofl:

yeah, settings>archive>

should just be like fgo I imagine, where all completed should be viewable. but any skipped will be missed out on

also, ch4 was apparently skipped so hard it got erased

do enjoy the event stories getting their banner too though

edit: oh, and hey. the summary parts for each section are here too. kinda useless, but still neat to have

Neat. I’m definitely gonna be bugging my friend now and then. Maybe I’ll let her read the FGO story on my phone while I’m at it. :rofl:


but yea that sounds like the best idea
leave your acc with a friend whom you can contact at any time and bug