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Make a contract with me, and become a Magical Girl!

Aniplex’s second attempt to capture lighting in a bottle after the megahit Fate/Grand Order. A mobile gacha based on the Madoka Magica franchise, MagiReco follows the story of Iroha Tamaki, a magical girl who arrives at Kamihama City to find her missing younger sister.

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English release when?

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English server announced for summer release!

so what are GP’s thoughts on magia record
are we gonna get a subsection of the forum for magia record discussion
or writers dedicated to write guides

what are the plans for this

Me when NA comes out

We’re gonna be monitoring the game up to release to see how it does, but there’s a fair chance we’ll be covering it!

are yall gonne be accpeting new hires

Not sure how we’re gonna approach this, but we’ll give the community forum a heads up if we do!

Look at me, I’m the site lead now.

We have at least a couple months before the NA server drops, so the real work on the MagiReco GP won’t get started until probably next month. You’ll probably hear about recruiting for it around mid-April.

i dont see your name anywhere :feh_maethink:
but ay

not sure if i can pass the recruitment test, i dont actually play magia record :S

but yea the real work will probably be the shops, and memorias

Writer Application is now live:

Active in the Madoka community (Reddit, Discord, or others)

JP Server Story Progression, Mirror Rank, etc

Alternatively, you may choose for an equivalent amount of compensation to be donated to a charity of your choice.
why would i do that

Time Commitment (Hours Per Week)
ill just write my minimum i can commit, but will commit more to the max if i can, so hope thats alright

but ill finish when i get back from lunch

Im done with the first question and unfortunately, since connect is a new thing for me, i cant really explain it much .-. or well enough.

i chose my bae felicia for the 2nd question since i assume we’re suppose to use a girl from day 1

I technically have a resume, but i doubt its relevant for this so i didnt attach it beside just to get rid of the required qualification field

anyways , did you recieve my app?

Not much going on here :owain:

Pretty excited for the game. Managed to vpn my way past the pre register region lock :feh_corrinmug:.

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welp i need help
im pretty sure i used the correct steps and created an american google acc with american VPN using tunnel bear
but the goddamn playstore still says its not avaliable in my country .-.

is it therotically possible for me to borrow someone’s google play acc to download and pre register

as long as i can dl day 1 and bind my acc

is all good

Jokes on you, everyone get moemura!

(/s actually every bit of prereg helps atm)

Is it just me or are we not gona hit 20k in time :fgo_seiba:

Saw the pre-register guide and registered a 2nd time.

how many we at rn
i can drag a few people in

We hit 5k about 2 days ago considering we need 15k more and how little time we have left until launch, its looking pretty grim.