Magia Record Discussion

guess i got rejected :thinking:
well, time to job hunt =/

Will there be any tips for Magia Record before the game is released?

i would assume so
honestly im going off pure instinct from what i read

prob a bug for that

  1. Yes, building the database structure and content team atm.
  2. News tag is still a bit bonky as we soft-launches GamePress News @
  3. More applicants than expect, so I’m still processing apps atm. Hopefully by end of the day today (I know I know) every email reply is sent out.

More applicants than expect, so I’m still processing apps atm. Hopefully by end of the day today (I know I know) every email reply is sent out.

So I don’t have to give up on my dream job just yet! :slight_smile:


Update: didn’t finish today orz

tfw actually so many apps

the pre registeration is a lie as usual :fgo_umu:

Being a fan of the anime, I was naturally interested in this game, so I started looking around at some sites and see that there’s a PvP aspect. As someone who refuses to PvP, does anyone know how viable it will be to play if I totally (and I do mean totally) avoid it?

It technically isn’t real time pvp BTW

It’s worth noting that it’s not exactly PvP, since it’s an AI controlling the other player’s team. Just in case your aversion to PvP is about not wanting to deal with other players, or something.

You’ll be mostly fine. The most useful rewards from PvP are 10 monthly free gacha rolls, so you’ll get slightly less pulls, but you can still get them from other places.

Apart from that you’re missing a good source of rare upgrade materials, character formations that reward single-element teams, and some Memoria (character equipment), but without the challenge of PvP, you’ll be under a bit less pressure to form a competitive team compared to other players anyways. There’s also a couple of exclusive backgrounds for the in-game home screen. (These ones are really cheap - you could earn them and be done with PvP forever in about 10 minutes if you start playing PvP later on when you’ve got a solid team.)

There’s a plot to the PvP too, but most people would agree that it’s…not very good.

If you don’t want to deal with ranking and fighting random but do want the reward
Doing matches with your mural friend counts to the pvp count for the rewards but has no effect on anything else whatsoever as well

Didnt even know this page existed. So are these all the magical girls available upon release? There a tier list comin up soon? :feh_rein:

That page is not quite done yet and we’re 8 days from NA Launch


29 magical girls will be available on release. I’ll have a NA/JP toggle setup once we got it all pretty.

8 more days 8 more days
all the writers have been chosen already ye? the selection process is over?

  • remember to save for merlin madoka

the magia record wikia has a tier list, quite out dated but still pretty far into the game enough to look at it

but @homu
is there any reason to ever buy the girl’s destiny gem(im talking 2 and 3 star ofc)
from the shop?
since from the looks of it, if you roll the gacha enough
you’ll be able to
unlock all memorias for all of them

Buying destiny gem’s for 2 and 3 star characters would appropriate if you want to unlock more memoria slots for a specific character sooner.

There will be characters that are 3 stars that can be pulled from gacha for a limited time, as soon as you can’t pull them from gacha, the only way for you to unlock more memoria slots for them is to buy them from the shop.

Some characters destiny gems can be provided via event shop after you purchase said character from the event shop.

Yeah i was aware of that tier list. I just dont wanna use that tier list as a basis as of now. A huge chunk of those magical girls likely aren’t available at launch. Like how FGO NA is currently living the buster meta :fgo_buster: and JP is living the quick meta :fgo_shock:, I’m assuming MagiReco NA and JP would also be living in different metas based on what characters have been released.

Besides that tier list im craving for, you guys will have a reroll guide too right? :catblink:

yeaaaaaaa you see
what are you looking for in the tier list?
cause i can stay straight up
magia record never left the buster meta
at least pvp wise

2 or 3 buster, in this case blast cards == top tier for pvp

Woah really? Sounds pretty straightforward. :catdude:

no it isnt,

Managed to try the tutorial on JP and I can see a wider level of strategy compared to FGO. Couldn’t go deeper as soon as it requested a 3GB download after finishing the tutorial… If there were a way to download that to my SD card instead of internal memory (1GB left)