Magikarp Community Day 8/8/2020

Saturday August 8th is Magikarp Community Day. The exclusive move is Aqua Tail and you can get additional candies through special research. But the ONLY benefit that makes this CD worth it is 3x Catch Stardust. Sign me up. I’ll also take a high IV Magikarp for Mega Gyarados.


Gyarados with Aqua tail finally has some bait and play. I have 3 98 % Magikarp patiently waiting for this.


Gyarados picks up some wins in ML with Aqua Tail over Hydro Pump.

Well that was pretty stinkin’ outa left field! Going to be real rough for newer players unless the research tasks dump dozens of candy at a time! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Going to be really interesting seeing how this works out in PvP. Thinking Crunch and Aqua Tail are going to be the moves of choice 90% of the time.

Also: has some utility in PvE running Aqua Tail with Hydropump to nurse some extra DPS. Not sure how much a difference it makes though…

Honestly, this’ll be a great community day, because:

  • Magikarp takes 400 candies to evolve (just like Swablu, Wailmer and Meltan)
  • Gyarados is good at fighting some of the Rocket Grunts and taking down gyms
  • I like their shiny forms

What a joke. I guess they’re putting the game on hold for yet another month.

Not particularly exciting for Waterfall builds… but I’ll do any community day with triple dust!

kinda wish they’d pick one of the old voting options though, if they’re just gonna do random stuff

Aqua Tail will give them a big boost in PC in particular and it will also help people prepare for the mega. Plus it’s nice for those who haven’t completed the Mew quest yet, I know my girlfriend is excited for the help on that lol.


True that! Took my wife the better part of a year to get enough candy (and that was with distance trading darn near every one she found)! I think the best option would be to also have a good amount of Rocket Grunts giving out Magikarp as rewards. Cuts the evolve cost by a bunch for a purified one!

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Geez. I never thought I see magikarp would have its own community day. Good thing I did not throw out any of my magikarps. Now my only problem is picking out which one to evolve.

Hopefully with some dumb luck I will find a couple good IV shinies. I have been waiting to level up a shiny Gyarados since it was released two years ago.

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I was initially very underwhelmed by this announcement. I keep hoping they’ll announce Porygon community day already! However, after thinking on it more, I’m ok with Magikarp community day for a handful of reasons.

  1. There are still a lot of players around the world who are unable to truly get out and play during these events due to COVID. Perhaps it’s better to save any truly meta-defining community days for when the world is in a better place.

  2. Gyarados has a really nice shiny, and I know plenty of people who would like more chances of snagging one with good IVs.

  3. Aqua Tail is beneficial alongside Hydro Pump in PvE (use AT when you think Gyarados will faint before it can get to HP so you don’t waste energy), and gives Gyarados more flexibility than Hydro Pump in some PvP matchups.

  4. Triple catch dust!!!

  5. Gyarados has a mega evolution, so this will be a good opportunity for players (especially newer ones) to stock up on candies and get some strong candidates.

On a side note, several of the last community days (Abra, Seedot, Weedle, Gastly) and now this one (Magikarp) all feature Mons that have mega evolutions. Since mega evolution is something they’re building hype for, it’s possible we may see this theme continue in the coming months.
Edit: my bad, Shiftry does not mega evolve.

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After blowing almost all of what stardust I had left after this weekend I’ll gladly take 450 dust per easy to catch 'mon!

This WILL be the best CD of the year so far!! (Depressing, isn’t it)

I was hoping for Porygon as well, but hey, high catch rate and triple dust, fine by me

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Magikarp is my all-time favourite species so I am really looking forward to this!

Aqua Tail will make Gyarados more effective in gym defence and Ultra League (especially against fairies). On offence, its DPS is slightly lower but it will be more consistent (especially for shadows).

I should have known better than to evolve that 3* shadow Magikarp…

Dear “BlameScott”… You Dp realize that we can still collect the Pokémon and play even with COVID quarantine. Right?
Those incenses work very well from inside the house, as well as on a park bench, or sitting on your toilet. They work anywhere.
No need to interact with anyone or anything or place yourself in any form of danger.

As a matter of fact, Pokémon daily games and these special events have been a great way to help tolerate this blessed quarantine altogether. For some of us, the Only way!!!

So I don’t know whether you were just enjoying a bit of rant or if were you truly complaining about the Bad Timing of these events. But regardless, if you take off that dark and dreary glass, you’ll notice that perhaps a tad of gratefulness was in order.

But what do I know… I’m just too busy loving it all. Hope you will too!!

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Blame Scott & Martijn LW

Why Porygon with its own CD? Does Porygon-Z have a special move that does some crazy but helpful thing in battle?

I like Porygon just because he is different from all the other Pokémons. Too bad he doesn’t spawn much and I am definitely missing that guy grunt with shadow Porygon

Because it was wrongly blamed for something Pikachu did and thus banned from the anime.


As much as I love Magikarp and am looking forward to its Community Day with 3x Stardust, I would also enjoy a Porygon Community Day.


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That’s what I was thinking tooooo!

Poor baby!

Got look up the info on conversion.

I thought Porygon wasn’t shown in the anime because the light reflections caused seizures in children.

Porygon (like many Pokémon) has its own signature move “Tri Attack”. In addition, if it learned Lock-On it would be a crazy glass-cannon in both PvE and PvP, spamming Zapcannon and Blizzard like no tomorrow. It also seemed a likely candidate given the previous trend of 3-stage-evolution 'mon.