MagiReco rolls thread

general rolls thread

if this place ever gets enough traction, then maybe it can become seperate threads per banner. but for now, I think a singular thread for all banners will suffice

me and my friend used the tsukuyo ticket on her banner and apperently

its also unoffically a sana rate up banner
(first pic is my roll on that banner)

i caved to my gacha addiction and did 1 multi on premium banner

my magireco luck is legit end me

lmao, so now I have a 3-way battle going on between madoka, ren, and momoko to see who gets max slotted first

channel the titty monk energy for momoko

if she is the first, then I’ll assume she’s trying to force herself back onto my mirrors team

first the good news
got the 2nd day tsukuyo ticket
got a 2nd i made friends and the new tsukuyo taunt memoria

bad news
this game is fcking dead
first since i wasted 40 dollars for the gssr, might as well use it to build my pity counter with the free multi

ok nvm, maybe my gssr will be better, i only have 1 girl fully awakened, and i could even manage a momoko 4th slot

why do we live, just to suffer
and i still need 4 more extra copies to even fcking change it for another 4 star gem

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ok, I’m sorry, but lmao

at least it’s just 5 and not fucking 10 like in fgo

nvm looked thru my paypal and converted

50 dollars

thats 5 days worth of meal

hmm i got told 5 but the wikia doesnt say excatly

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shop page is here, so yeah. 5

During Limited Gacha Events, limited 4 ★ Magical Girls can be purchased from this shop for the duration of the event.

give me 4 more mamis so i can buy a nanoha copy
thx game

well today’s free 10-roll wasn’t terribly notable, but hey. I got ren’s girlfriend now

ill curse your roll :fgo_badciv:

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Pls, what do you want from E rank luck like me?

" e rank "

looks at np 5 mini vinci

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Dont curse me on jp

tbh i have no jp luck rn so i can :>

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day 3

this must secretly be a fire girls rate up gacha

(ignore the text)

this luck sacking

ngl, that madoka memoria saying ‘new’ is the most shocking thing for me

day 4

I got iroha’s memoria

ok, but seriously

got both the amane sisters now

(and as a side note, this was my first 4-star 10-roll that gave me the “4-star girl” image on startup. I mean unless my first 10-roll that crashed also had this, but idk because crashing, and so not counting it)