Magnezone Fast Moves - Spark/Wild Charge


So I was at a convenient location to put a magnetic lure in and my son and I were able to evolve a half dozen Magnezones.

We were blessed with several Wild Charge Magnezones, but naturally we have a mish-mash of Spark and Charge Beam Fast Moves.

I looked here, and it seems somewhat ambiguous as to which one is better, with a slight lean towards Spark.

However, looking at this site: it seems like that if you plug in Clear or Sunny weather, and if I am understanding the Type 1 and Type 2 as the typing of the mon/counter you are fighting, then with the two types you would most likely be attacking with an electric mon, water or flying, then they are almost identical, and changing weather from sunny or clear to partly cloudy makes it flip flop between Charge Beam and Spark being better.

In other words, is it worth worrying about which of those two you have? It seems like there isn’t a very clear or strong advantage between the two.,

HOWEVER, that being said, there is a ton I don’t know about this game so there may be something I am missing. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as usual.


I believe that you already answered your own question. The only thing you didn’t mention is move cooldown/duration, in wich spark outperforms charge beam for a margin of 0.2 seconds (0.8 to almost 1.1 I believe, don’t have the numbers but you can find them)
The difference hence is minimal on a pure electric magnezone.
The real question you should ask yourself in this cases is: wich animation you like the most? (seriously, the only thing that matters in this case)

Thank you…
The reasons I asked were:

Gamepress seemed to have a different opinion;
I am not a highly learned scholar and.I wanted to be sure I wasn’t overlooking something. Important.

Thanks for the confirmation!

There is not much difference between the two fast moves:

Charge Beam/Wild Charge DPS 15.28, TDO 622.42, TTFA 4.4 s
Spark/Wild Charge DPS 14.95, TDO 608.98, TTFA 4.2 s

TTFA stands for Time to First Activation, so spark is a little bit faster but it does a little bit less damage…

In raids, Spark has better energy gain but less DPS, while Charge Beam has better DPS and less energy gain. Spark paired with Wild Charge has slightly better cycle DPS which could matter in some edge cases such as solo Skarmory, but otherwise Charge Beam is not far behind.

In PVP, Spark is strictly better than Charge Beam with higher DPS and energy gain. Personally I find Magnezone quite useful for Team Rocket battles (I use it against Arlo most often), thus I’d ensured that I have at least 1 Spark Magnezone ready for battle.

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