Magnezone in the Gym Meta

So I finally evolved my lucky L34 Magneton into a Magnezone. I’m not expecting a Suicune rerun soon so I’ll use it for gyms now. Any relevance for it? I know it has the following uses:
Milotic: All of its moves except the Water moves are resisted by Magnezone, making it useful to save Potions and Revives.
Gyarados: Actually it doesn’t matter which Electric type you use (Raikou, Electivire, or Magnezone) because 1 Wild Charge will already deal massive damage to Gyarados.
Vaporeon: Not much relevance due to its heavy reliance on Water moves.
Slowdudes: Pretty good here because Magnezone resists their best moves.
Any other Electric weak defender I have missed?
I’m taking advantage of the fact that the vast majority of the HK playerbase are the “Aggron gang” here. Magnezone resists all of Aggron’s moves (doubly resisting its Steel moves) making it a very good defender here. It also gives a hard time to anyone smart enough to use Metagross.
Anything I missed?

Doesn’t hit Gardevoir for SE damage unless you grab Flash Cannon, but resisting Gardevoir’s trademark Confusion + DG set is nice.

Resisting everything Blissey has is nice too.


As a gym attacker is great, but as a defender…well…machamp exist, also the new CD blaziken and let’s no forget that ground moves are the bane of magnezone, now Garchomp has arrive and soon there will be earth power as a novelty.

Would be a lot more valuable as a defender with Magnet Bomb, maybe Niantic will wise up and just drop it into the movepool. Happy with my two I made though, both with Wild Charge. But they probably won’t see defensive action unless I want to throw in something weird.

For attacking gyms, I feel like any electric type will work on things that its effective against. In regards to gym defense, I feel like Magnezone has no relevance. It has 12 resistances and 3 weaknesses. The problem is that one of 3 is ground which it is double weak to. The first of the remaining 2 are fire. Community Day with Blaziken, a high DPS glass cannon just ended. So whether someone is new or not, they probably have a Blast Burn Blaziken or some other fire type to make short work of Magnezone. And the final weakness is the worst. The steel typing for Magnezone makes it more fodder for Machamp since its weak to fighting.

As long as you realize that Magnezone isn’t game changing, use it however and whenever you please.

You’re forgetting your namesake - Kyogre raids. Magnezone will shine there as well, since he is the only counter that actually resists Blizzard. Oh - and he should likely be useful for Lapras day (although Machamp, Breloom, Roserade, Rampardos, and the higher DPS electric types, may nullify that need).

As for gym defense: I believe Magnezone is supposed to be one of the best defensive counters to Metagross, due to a double resistance to steel?
You have the two big gym attackers: Machamp and Metagross. Magnezone walls Metagross and is weak to Machamp - so best to slot him in between defenders that wall Machamp. Gardevoir and Togekiss come to mind, as do Dragonite and Salamence (depends if the Machamp has a second move or not).

Well that was because I didn’t expect a Kyogre rerun soon too.

Alright, it seems I was wrong…Kyogre is back on June 27th for its 5th rerun. Why does it seem that Niantic loves the weather trio?

Two factors:

  1. They’re good. Kyogre and Groudon will rule their respective fields for the perceivable future. That means people will actually want to do the raids, and will probably buy raid passes.

  2. They aren’t new. New is potentially disruptive. New is hard work. It’s better to avoid introducing new content, unless there’s no alternative.

I don’t understand why Lugia was run so many times.

I do understand kyogre however.

This will be kyogre’s 4th run, third with a shiny, and third by itself.
It will be groudon’s 3rd run, second with a shiny, and second by itself.
Rayquaza has only had 1.5 runs and no shiny (I don’t count a weekend as a full run, more of an event). Not sure why it doesn’t see love from Niantic… Why are we getting shiny Cresselia before Rayquaza :(

Anyways, there’s a slim chance origin pulse and precipice blades come with this (to be announced later) although I doubt it. They’re just running them again because they have shiny versions AND are relevant so people will raid the heck out of them. Even people with the shiny and 6 maxed copies will raid them for candy to power up the signature moves when they’re released.

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Oh yes shiny…Forgot why Gengar Day made so much money.
But from that comes a question: Why not the Gen 1 birds? :thinking:

RE: Vaporeon, Magnezone is still an excellent choice. Remember, Water resists Steel but is NOT SE against it.