Main 3 ssr knight servants

Today i got Okita Souji. That’s mean that i have completed my ssr knight servants ; Saber, Archer and Lancer. What is your guys main ssr knight servants?

Me: Saber: Okita
Archer: Arjuna
Lancer: Ereshkigal


Saber: Okita/Arturia
Archer: Moriarty
Lancer: :fgo_jeannu:


Saber: NP2 Mordred beats out NP1 Proto Arthur. Okita is my boss killer, but still NP1. Still leveling Arturia today since she showed up instead of Holmes…
Lancer: Karna wins out on farming, and Scathach and Tamamo compete with each other for boss killing. All NP1.
Archer: Ishtar stands out at NP2, but Archuria is just so damn effective even at NP1 with level 100 Moment of Tranquility.


Me only arjuna is np2

For me it is:

Saber: OG Artoria (Spook when rolling for Proto Arther)

Archer: Orion (Never use but only SSR Archer)

Lancer: Schatach (First SSR)

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I also have orion, but i rarely use her

Saber: Okita/Musashi/Altera

Archer: I mainly use my srs due to favoritism, but orion or tesla in equal measure.

Lancer: Shishou :fgo_ereshlove:

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Dude you’re so lucky to get Musashi. She is actually a ssr saber that i really want

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Okita is also a new recruit for me, otherwise i focus on Shiki and Musashi

Saber: Musashi / Shiki / Okita
Archer: Ishtar / SR mention: Tomoe & Fujino
Lancer: Eresh / Karna


Hmm, got her but for shishou I had to try for 2 years continuously, finally got her in this year’s gssr, there are ups and downs

Only have 4 5 of those: np2 Mordred, Altera, bride, arjuna, np2 enkidu.

But arjuna usually takes a back seat to grailed Arash :fgo_buster:

:fgo_dshy: how could I forget my first ever ssr in the list

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My main?

Saber: shiki/musashi
Archer: gil/archuria
Lancer: karna/scatach


So you have karna and eresh at the same time? That is really a nice combination, since karna is really powerful burst lancer, but is lack a defend skills. While eresh’s attack is abysmal, she have a skills that can buff a defend and life,which is suitable partner for karna


Karna is a spook during the recent go West event
he is a nice little addition to my roster. He does work nicely as a divine servant killer


NP2 Void Shiki, NP2 Karna. I don’t have 5* Archer and I want NP up 5* Carvalry more :fgo_buster:

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Saber : Nero Bride
Lancer : Karna
Archer : ???

Saber: Altera/Shiki
Archer: Gilgamesh
Lancer: Scathach

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The days of constantly changing comps and putting in class advantage servants to clear quests/battles will soon be behind us.

One comp to rule em all which doubles up as it is even the best fit for events. I can’t wait.

My knight Servants are the OG of OG Seibah and a tsundere splited in halves :insertsanypossiblearthuremotehere: :fgo_ishtar_eagerfool: :fgo_ereshwoah:
Funny only Ishtar is NP1 :fgo_casgilworry:

Sidenote: No ST :fgo_deadinside:

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In my case would be
Saber: Bride/Musashi/Shiki(/ and in the future Okita will be here too but i need to max level her first)
Archer: i only have AC man
Lancer: mainly Bryn but i use Enkidu some times