Mainly Sniper and Caster Team! Please help! Q.Q


I was wondering once again,

well, more like struggling! :fgo_jeannu:

I wanted to build a Team with mainly Snipers and Casters since sometimes there are occasions where i will need a Team specialized in shooting rather than using Guards!

Currently I’m struggling with the decision to whether take Pramanix or Skyfire!

I still don’t have any AoE in my Team but Pramanix’s debuffs are quite nice!
What should I do?!
Any suggestions? Anything at all!

Maybe you know a different way to make this team good?

The pictures below show all my casters and Supporters!
And how the team currently looks like!

Thanks a million for any answers! :fgo_ishtarwink:

Ps: I know that 2/3 of my Team’s Tanks are probably crap! That’s why I’m trying to get Croissant and Liskarm!

I’d recommend Pramanix > Skyfire, AoE Casters are kinda meh in AK tbh.
Your team have a pretty big Archer to Caster imbalance, it can work for drones-heavy map but on some map you’ll want a few more casters. I suggest taking out Ambriel and replace her with either Ceobe or Amiya.


Finally an answer! :fgo_jeannu:

So Ambriel out?
Hmm, i read that her Attack is one of the highest among all Snipers tho . . . Still no good?

So AoE isn’t that useful then? I thought just in case a bigger group of opponents showed up! :fgo_think:

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AoE Casters mostly suffered from the fact that their attack speed are slower than average (AoE Archers too). But I still use Mostima from time to time because of her skills.
Also Ambriel may have the highest ATK but she have a slower attack speed, so in the long run her damage is pretty average.


Aww! I really liked her world wide sniping! :fgo_think:

Well, otherwise the team is good? :fgo_mordredthink:

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It look pretty good to me :+1:


Thanks! :fgo_ereshwoah:

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Balance your squad composition first.

You will need this and that all the time but first…
build some solid foothold.

Your choices are not efficient, and seems not realized where should you go with your starting composition.

Look at the level of your ops, spread them evenly.

If you keep behaving like this, your company would likely to have a hard time in their upcoming days.
Why… because you as the head manager already failing since the beginning. Holding back your very own progression with your…
Lacking in information gathering and processing.

That reason alone is enough to be expanded to numerous serious problem in forming strategy.

Be careful.

You want some shortcut?

  • Focus!
    Know what you have
    Know whom should be build from start that will also help until late game.
    Stop raising random ops, prioritize usefulness over waifus.
    Useful in general i mean, then if your squad role is complete, you can start building some
    mandatory<useful<common niche or even useless waifus.
    Why…? Because at that point, you already have a strong foothold.
    the presence of useless ops is still in tolerance level for your main squad to carry you on.

But… That’s not likely to happen, if you already think it thoroughly since the beginning, your overall squad in late game will be filled with most of them are highly useful.
Your journey in upcoming event would be smooth with small chance of bumpy elements.

That’s not all, should i continue?
Have a nice day.

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Ähm . . . Yay? :fgo_think:

I think it’s really dangerous to only focus on snipers as main damage dealers.
I only use snipers when i don’t have any other (better) choices and i will try to explain why below, maybe it will help you.

Most enemies have def, and some of them are really troublesome.
That’s why i have never been a snipers fan, for example Exusiai will take 10 min to kill an axe bearer.
It’s worst with cc , all cc have def upgrade risks.
Swarz is ok with her S3 but it’s not permanent unlike Ifrit.(But i love her, when they are enemies with high def and high res )
Another thing, there are drone who boost def of others units(or with high def) you have already met them i am sure.(that why i use casters again)

Snipers have different targets too and type, that why it’s not always good to have several different kind of snipers.
For example Exu, Platinium, or Kroos prioritize aerial units, i am not sure what will happen if i have an enemy near my base and an aerial unit more distant. Will she aim the aerial unit or the closest unit?
Swarz don’t care about aerial units and i saw this issue many time.
Long ranged snipers like Firewatch, Ambriel, Andreana attack low def enemies first(not aerial units again).
That is to say, you will need good defender’s or supporter/slow to increase your survival chance.
I noticed lately that Suzuran S3 and Earthspirit S2 are the best as AOE slow/supporter.
Supporters really work well with snipers because they have arts damage(low but arts and slow help Swarz S3).
There is another kind of snipers you don’t have it seems, AOE, they are slow and deals physical damage, but W is really good with her S2( but not against aerial units).

Snipers have low def and low Hp most of the time(casters too), another reason to deploy a defender as meat shield against others snipers or drone.

I generally use sniper for a precise role in a team to deal with aerial , casters(snipers long ranged) , slow/stun(W or May/Andreana) or or boss killing(Swarz), or mobs killer(Exusiai/AOE).

Angelina S3/S2 and some supporters( Glaucus) are competitors/complement for snipers .

Others things:
Sora is an interesting case because she will increase the attack of allies by certain amount of her own atk, its good if you have lots of allies buffed, 3 at least i think.

Nightmare is a mage survival S1 (E2) or slow with her s2.
Absinthe is interesting to finish enemies.
Ifrit S2 is def debuff and hit aerial units.

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Sweet! So much information! Thanks! :fgo_ereshwoah:

I Personally have 3 Teams:

  1. One focused mainly on (but not restricted to) ground Enemies (lots of ground operators)

  2. One focused mainly on (but not restricted to) flying opponents (lots of Archers and Casters)

  3. And one focused mainly on utility and throwing, shifting and pushing opponents off cliffs and into holes! (I don’t use it much . . . )

I don’t use only Snipers tho, i made half and half with Snipers and mages! :fgo_mordredthink:

That’s my Archer & Caster team right now (until I freaking finally get Croissant and/or Liskarm ):

Ps: I’m still thinking about maybe exchanging Pramanix for someone else tho . . .

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Pramanix is an interesting one, I use her pretty regularly and have her S2 M3–it really helps take down the tougher enemies (i.e. red katana dudes), especially when you combine her with fast and/or multi-hit operators like Exusiai. That said, she’s kind of underpowered until you get her E2’d for her S2 mastery and double-hit trait.


Yo, allow me to put my sheet again… :catdance:

From my point of view…

1. Your early squad composition
Mainly filled with high rarity Caster and Sniper
If i were you, I will definitely prioritize 1 or 2 ops, NOT 3 or even more, yet. Seriously… NO.

By choosing the most (available) needed and usefulness, In this case
-Schwarz and Exia for single target.
-W or Meteorite for AoE. (pick one in this case).

Future (possible) target
(if the previous priority is lower tier, now is time for higher rarity to be raised, or maybe getting lower rarity BUT with also high impact on usage) =
-5* ST: Platinum or Blue Poison for general usage.
-4* ST: May, for utility

Skip those wide ranged sniper, GET your basic first.
Don’t go for ANY archetype if your basic is not yet fulfilled.
This very same rule is applied for ANY OTHER ROLES.

For AoE since we only need 1 for general usage, then only Meteorite and W are worth to be prioritized. Both are okay
BUT remember, you are still starting, chose 1 only. Save the rest of mentioned ops above for later.
No need to rush,
as long as you stay in this path, your stepping-stone will be in shape before you even realize it.

This time, it’s easier as you have some big names, and you can forget the rest.
4 top priorities for Arts damage dealer for many days ahead, only this 4, rest are not needed anymore. Stop overthinking.
1.Eyja as the queen, get M3 on her S2 and S3 asap.
Having ONLY her will carry you far enough as she is so broken.
2.Ange as multipurpose and arts key combo
3.Suzuran as AoE slower and debuff arts combo S2/S3 M3.
4.Ceobe as Boss slayer

Ifrit can be skipped but if you want to try her
archetype, do it later, same for Leizi.
Worthy late game true debuffer in this case are only Pramanix or Shamare, choose 1, but still skippable.
No other slower needed beside Suzuran, for a long term.
Skip other lower rarity if they only offers damage and little to no notable utility.

Except one, Beeswax. Save one spot for her, she is a caster on paper, but basically she is a “Ranged tanker”, she will shine in your late game.

Same rules for Thorn, he is not a guard imo, he’s just a “Ground sniper” also Lady Saria, she is a “Ground Medic”.

No further explanation needed, get it or not, get those 4 to good level after E2, example 20~50 is enough.
NO need to get max lvl, yet. NO need.
But beware they will put an evil smile on your face once you get them.

That would be all for your ranged utility and damage dealer. Having them properly raised will greatly step up your game.

Because your ranged unit is such an overkill already, do the same for your melee ops, the same rules can be applied, by prioritizing 1 or 2 of their basic role or archetype. Remember, step by step, NO need to rush.

Starting on your Vanguard, this one role should be special case, lots of room needed.
Myrtle and Elysium, E2 up to lvl 20 is enough, S1 M3.
Siege, durable and high damage. Best generalist.
Texas, get 2DP early, stun and damage, low def, its okay as 2nd best. Forget scavenger, she should be skipped.
Zima, buffer of other vanguard, tanky type like Courier.
Zima can be brought to late game, not for courier.
Save 1 spot DP on kill Vanguard, even Vigna could bring you far. Bagpipe is the final target, get her and forget the rest DP on kill Vanguard.

Might be continued or terminated upon request.

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I’m not actually new . . . :fgo_think:

Huh . . . That’s a lot of information . . . :fgo_illya:

Ps: I’m still thinking about maybe exchanging Pramanix for someone else tho . . .

Ifrit, use Ifrit
ifrit angry


Give it a rest before you get reported. You’re being really mean to the OP and trying to impose your opinions on someone without answering what they actually asked.

They’ve asked for a ranged team and some help making one and all the power to them for wanting to do it but no ones stupid enough to invest a massive amount of resources into a team they might not use.


Sure, why not
Whatever you said, officer :catdance:

OP probably got most of the answers they wanted. But I’ll just chime in with something short. In general bringing supporters is better than bringing aoe casters. AOE Casters suffer from very low attack speed and very high dp cost. And also because supporters will slow your targets, it will give more time for your main dps to clear the wave. The exception might be Mostima, because of her Skill 3 acts like an aoe attack, slow, and push all in one.

I noticed you have Angelina, she’s probably the best supporter in the game. She has a passive world heal and attack speed buff. Her skill 3 is also amazing, allowing you to slow, damage, and debuff up to five targets within a huge range. You’ll need to E2 her, but suffice to say once you do you’ll find yourself rarely bringing other supporters or aoe casters for that matter. Though if you were to use Pramanix and Angelina together, they’d make short work of very high defense enemies.

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I’ve made teams with no casters and a pile of supporters–Angelina, Pramanix, Podenco and Suzuran have some pretty powerful synergy, and make short work of anything but the highest RES enemies. Add in a few good snipers and you can do no-block strategies on a lot of maps.

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I have her! She’s very niche but she vaporizes pretty much anything that dares get in front of her! :fgo_buster:

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