Maintenance 12

Does anybody know how long will the maintenance take

Depends how long Apple takes to fix their shit.


lets hope for 48 hour maintenance for SQ and tons of loot not like login streaks havent been broken before…

For real? Is really possible to take so much time?

We’re getting an update on the official twitter in a few minutes.

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Extended until the end of this hour, if not up by then, it’ll be extended until 10:00 AM JST.

That’s 2 AM for me. Bloody hell.

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:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: haha

That means 3 AM for me

Seems if the pattern would follow, it’s time to japan server to chicken out of login streak rewards :(
If that’s the case, F for Japan players.

Not quite. JP maintenance started at 13:00 JST. That means those who logged in before maintenance still have their streak.

So it need to last for 1.5 days to actually chicken out of login rewards in JP?

idk but jp is getting that classic na experience. people talking crap about the christmas rerun maintenance is slowly taking things back lol


I mean this is nothing new for JP, 24h maintenances were a mainstay in the game’s early days.

But yeah, I’m actually glad this is happening so the perpetual NA haters actually get to shut up about “this would never happen on JP”. Plus it’s gonna rain compensation for the JP players just like for NA.

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Looks like this extended maint may end up creating NA salt anyway.

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Wew lads. The absolute state of NA.

in their defense, this may of been something either not possible on na’s game build, or implanted after the whole na maintenance fiasco. due to apple proving to be untrustworthy at getting updates out in a timely manner multiple times over

No, early on, in CN maybe, they had a 24hr maintenance where they rolled the server back to save everyone’s streaks. It was definitely possible before.

well I can’t speak for cn, but it should be worth noting that it is completely separate from na/jp and run by another company entirely, iirc

This post really didn’t age well.

I’m hoping this actually wasn’t possible on the NA version, or else it’s just a huge middle finger, and this time an actual middle finger instead of all the “unfairness” uninformed twitter users like to whine about.

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