Maintenance 12




I cant imagine the twitter shitshow. The NA team will be chewed up again.:rofl::rofl:

Part of me wonders how much better it might have been if they had only released one version of the game, and when you started you could choose your region/language. Plenty of other games do that. I was just playing one on my tablet the other day that’s available in 29 languages and it’s available for free- it doesn’t have as much dialogue as FGO, but, seriously, it was free and is from a single developer instead of a major studio. FGO is backed by Aniplex and DW and Sony (?) so they should’ve been able to handle 2 or 3 languages on their own.

Then updates come out to all of us at the same time, we’re all on the same page for events, etc.

But I also realize translation takes time (events and story chapters have quite a bit of dialogue after all) and they might not have realized how popular the game would be when they first launched.

Still, I can wonder.


Dont worry, we wont have youtubers reporting on NA`s state anymore. Now seriously I dont think the NA team handled our situation competently.

translation is definitely a huge factor of why this wouldn’t of been possible, nice as it’d be. especially as iirc, nasu is notorious about sending scripts in at the last minute. possibly a few others too

Hire more translators?

I mean, I have family that works as interpreters and then am friends with several more and even with someone who runs a service, covering a mix of several languages. Interpreting is in real-time, and if they can do it for $20-$30 an hour, for sensitive things like medical visits and legal cases, I don’t see why they can’t just have someone read the dialogue while someone interprets it.

Then you have the editor check everything for quality and submit it. Even if it released only slightly slower in different languages (New story chapter is released on the 1st in JP, in the entirety, while only the 1st chapter is released in English. Then each day, another chapter is released in English.)

Seems doable.

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that is not how translation works

hiring more translators is how we got crap like persona 5’s shoddy translation

to say nothing of how translators for things such as this are vastly underpaid to begin with

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I don’t know anything about Persona, but if it had shoddy translation it probably had a shoddy editor.

A good editor could make sure that there was consistency (so 1 translator said mana, 1 said magic, editor says we’ll always go with mana), could make sure there aren’t any basic grammar mistakes (1 translator used a word like its when they meant it’s), etc.

Again, I have family that works in an extremely similar line of work, and if they can interpret for several hours at a time while the person is speaking, without being able to pause to look at a written word or find it in a dictionary, can’t consult conjugation charts or anything like that- they just have to know it- even if it’s something they’re unfamiliar with, then it should be possible for translators to work quickly and well.

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interpretation isn’t the same as translation of a narrative based work though

like at all

you may as well just ask for live translation readings of scripts at conventions by that point

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If that really happened I don’t think NA will have any future

Guys why the hell didn’t the maintenance end yet didn’t they say it will end at 10 AM jst why didn’t they finish yet

because lolapple, last I checked

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28 hours and counting… just 2 more hours for a free 10 roll.

There should be a bonus for anything longer than 24 hours.

1st 24 hours: 1 Apple, 1 SQ/hour
2nd 24 hours: 2 Apple, 2 SQ/hour

Even if it isn’t their fault, I don’t think it’d lose them that much (the extra few SQ isn’t going to stop a whale from buying a pack, and a f2p player isn’t paying anyway) and since it is all electronic, it doesn’t actually physically cost them anything.

29 hours… The server is back bois…
Edit: 30 hours, Game will be up in an hour.

Congrats Apple on ruining two Christmas event launches for FGO now?

Seriously, this kind of shit is an absolute joke. People give Aniplex/DW shit for their fckups while being a multimillion dollar company. Apple is a multibillion dollar company and this shit has happened twice in two weeks now.


Wait until the Salem update drops. Will this be a trend? lol. Apple cucking us over with each update.

so… I seem to not get any compensation? or is it just me?

Nope, I am in the same boat.