Major community day problems in Europe

I won’t go all doom and disaster on you, we have plenty of unwarranted hyperbole on here, however the Slakoth day did not go well over here. Those who started on time had between 10 and 30 minutes of ‘normal event’ (reports vary). After that spawns all but vanished. I found 12 Slakoth between 4 and 6 - that’s 12 Slakoth not 12 shiny Slakoth…

Confirmation from Germany here. We still had it a bit better, as we had normal spawns until 4AM (then the weather disappeared and Slakoth became pretty rare). To be honest, I wasn‘t all that hyped for the CD, so it isn‘t as terrible for me, but still somewhat sad that I only got one Shiny Slakoth. On the other hand, I got a Shiny Zigzagoon and a Shiny Cresselia and a lucky 96% Slakoth on level 35, so that‘s a pretty acceptable compensation.

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I think this is the second time EU gets the big time shaft? Because APAC ran Slakoth community day properly.

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It wasn’t a Community Day I was desperately looking forward to, but the opportunity to get a shiny or two of a relatively uncommon spawn would have been nice. Annoyed rather than devastated :slight_smile:

I’m in the UK, wasn’t bothered about this CD and have gone away this weekend but logged on for half an hour during dinner. I was in a very good location (half a dozen lures on the go within reach) but only caught maybe a dozen slakoth in that time. Fortunately caught a shiny and a level 30 decent one to evolve in those 12.

Assumed I was unlucky but this now makes sense. Hopefully this isn’t repeated next month when it’s a more useful day.

This community day was BAD and I can’t see it getting beaten any time soon. After the first hour the weather was gone and with that the slakoth spawns. The ammount of people who showed up was already low(about 1/4 of those who normally come), but when the spawns were gone, most of those simply left. The lures were barely present to begin with, but the lack of weather messed them up too. Also the incense spawns were mostly non event pokemon too. All in all, an underwhelming event that somehow got worse.

The first hour was good for the stardust grind, since we had partly cloudy weather. Got 4 shinies and lost one due to some GPS error, that resulted in one turning to normal(what a loss/sarcasm). Quite ironically one of the ones I caught is a 98%, which is the best IV non legendary shiny I have(why this one ugh). I had one lucky slakoth that I evolved to slaking for the lucky pokedex and imidatiely after that I trasfered it. The 100% I got from research recently got evolved and due to being just lv. 15 it can quitely rot where it is now, cause I certainly am not going to invest any stardust into it. I didn’t bother evolving the shinies, since the evolved forms are some of the most underwhelming color changes ever and since the exclusive move has nothing to ofer and slaking remains as brokenly nerfed as it always was.

So if I had to rate this event from 0 to 5, I’d give it a 1. It started alright, got some useful stardust in the first hour and that’s about it.

God bless the USA.

Without going into full hyperbole mode, I do think it’s worth analyzing this day from a critical standpoint as it highlights how absolutely awful Niantic is regarding these issues.

It started with the weather system going down. For the unaware, event spawns are tied directly to the weather system - no weather system, no event spawns. For visual proof, this image was posted on Reddit showing the Community Day in Germany while weather was down. In addition to CD spawns going away, the Adventure Week spawns are clearly absent as well:

If you still think the weather and lack of event spawns is a coincidence, Niantic support even acknowledged as much when weather went down during the Detective Pikachu event:

As always during any major outage during a major event, people contacted Niantic support and essentially asked what could be done. Niantic’s response was… quite predictable, unfortunately.

Instead of addressing that it’s an issue at hand, responses almost seem to indicate the fault lies within the trainer’s actions - either by improper time settings on the device, or in the case of the last response that they simply didn’t go out and play the game.

This isn’t the first time EMEA has been screwed by faulty events - Feebas Day was reportedly a total flop there compared to other regions. Feebas day also had the excuse of being the first event of its type - We’ve had a year and a half of community days and they’re still not guaranteed to go off without a hitch. Just ask anyone in APAC about Dratini day, Larvitar Day, Moltres Day, Cyndaquil Day, Beldum Day, Bagon Day, and similarly related Torchic Day regarding Blaze Kick’s addition, or lack thereof.

I hope this post isn’t seen as going all doom and gloom, death, destruction, and despair over it. Hell, I’m in the USA and my community day was pretty much unaffected by this. It’s worth bringing all of this to light because this wasn’t just a community day gone wrong - it’s one of many symptoms of Niantic’s utter incompetence and inability to manage a global game of this scale. They aren’t a small indie company anymore - with literal billions at their disposal these issues shouldn’t be happening.

I almost included “and their inability to compensate for their failures” but as I typed this I checked and they’ve announced a re-run of Slakoth day at a later time:

I guess if there’s one silver lining it’s that with Slakoth not being meta-relevant, nothing of particularly high value was lost beyond the shiny hunt. Still - we’ve had how many of these events and there are still issues running them? I wasn’t even affected by this and I gotta say, I’m officially done giving them money until they shape up.

/endrant. Thank you for coming to my TED talk :joy::joy::joy:


Welcome to Asia. /s

I reached that point a long time ago.

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Yes, slakoth being a dex filler made this less bad, than let’s say if the same thing happened to something people would use.
My main issue here is the response of the support. They are not there to fix bugs, I get that and they mostly offer scripted responses, which in such cases give a wrong and bad impression, since it comes across as “try harder and you’ll get what you want”.
The following things should rather be the response here:
“Thank you for letting us know about this issue. We’ll look into it!”
“We are aware of this issue and are working on fixing it. Stay tuned for future updates!”
Anything that sounds like they are trying to resolve the problem and that doesn’t sound like they don’t care.

As of Feebas day, yeah it was tiresome, since most quests simply weren’t suited for 3 hours(hatch eggs? earn buddy candy? Get 15 nice or 10 great throws with a lack of spawns? Sure if this lasted the whole day…) Not to mention that all that event had going for was getting a shiny version. I myself got lucky and somehow got 2, but plenty of others didn’t get a single one. In Europe the shiny rate was 1 in 40 I think, which was then changed to 1 in 20 for the rest of the world and this didn’t sit well with some players here. I myself didn’t get screwed over due to this, but this just feels wrong.


I couldn’t agree more. I used to play MMOs like World of Warcraft, and the examples you provided are very similar to the types of responses I might get from customer support. Especially if it was a known issue that they couldn’t give me an answer for right then and there. Seeing the actual responses from Niantic customer support was…disappointing to say the least, as some of those responses basically amounted to “yeah, the weather might be acting up, but it’s probably more your fault as the player. Get good.” That’s the exact wrong vibe they want to be sending their playerbase.

I’m also equally disappointed to see that once again, entire regions were affected this CD, and could barely participate. Sure, Slakoth Day was a sleeper for most people anyways, but that doesn’t excuse Niantic’s inability to deliver again. Community Day events and weather have both been in the game for well over a year now. At this point, there shouldn’t be any widespread major issues with them.

TL;DR - I’m disappointed with Niantic and the low performance standards they’re holding themselves to.


I get event spawns being tied to the weather function but I don’t understand how they simply don’t have it coded that if the weather input goes down it doesn’t automatically defaults to Sunny/clear or the previous weather input…

The automated response for the first wave of complaints is completely understandable… But not even acknowledging the problem until 12 hours later is completely pathetic… Especially when you consider that previous CD mess ups have been handled in real time in Asia…

I honestly don’t know what is more mind boggling…

That Niantic is just this bad of a game developer or that Nintendo, Google and Game Freak hasn’t pulled back the licensing or I and others actually spend money on this disaster

Start a petition, then send it to Nintendo and Game Freak!

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You should thank me for being unaffected by this or there will be hell for this board and beyond.


Th mechanics of the game were fine for me, but many people just want a shiny, whether pidgey or rattata or onix. While I don’t get the frequent SR remarks “played since start and I’ve gotten 4 total shiny”, this particular day it took me 80+encounters to get my first slakoth shiny, then got a total of 3. Plus 2 more from alts in the last 5 min.

I brought up Feebas Day mostly because it was the only major, recent event I could think of that screwed EMEA more than the rest of the world. We had the same awful, dreadful tasks that I myself could only complete about 25 of due to terrible weather. The part where EMEA got screwed is when it became very apparent that - as you described - the shiny rate was practically doubled for the rest of the world. That’s scummy no matter how you look at it.

In my 25 I found one shiny and consider myself lucky to have it.

My group did about 40 tasks. I got 2, the rest either got one or none… Yes, it was bad and people here weren’t happy when they learned that we had a worse shiny rate due to being first. However feebas seems to have an increased shiny rate, since several people got a shiny after the event from egg hatched or the rather rare wild encounters. I also got another one during clamperl day. Due to that I think that most people will still remember the slakoth day as the worse event, since after the first hour and 20 minutes everything became random meh spawn.

If they DARE to mess up Gible Community Day…I’m quitting.

Just joking of course, but Niantic going as far as screwing Community Days and kinda saying that it’s the players’ fault is completely unacceptable.

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