Make a crit team for Ishtar archer

Does anyone know how to build a good support team for her to crit ? because that god damn delayed skill, she can not maximum her crit damage at first turn and it will waste 40 stars. Next, if move to next turn then she dont have stars to crit . If use her np to get 20 stars then i also lose that 20% buster up in next turn .Please show me the better way to use her as a crit servant T_T

Passive stragen. Gardens of Avalon, 2030s , Hans, Summer BB , summer Nobu etc you get the idea.
Also starbombs like carp and the 2018 Christmas CE, 2019 Gilfest CE, Ooku CE (i think) all was star bomb s. Plugsuit servants who have those CEs when you need the stars. Or servants with instinct or Mozarts 3 rd skill or anni blond.

Chiron ca provide on demand stars and increase her critical damage (50%) and Card effectiveness (30%) for 3 turns. His deck can cause trouble but his skill set compensates for it.

Hans can Increase her Crit damage (40%) and passively generates 15 stars every turn and can also charge her NP passively if you really need.

Arash doesn’t offer any support but he can blow wave 1 or 2, die and bring a support with any of the 20 stars CEs. He will also reset the deck upon death so you can try getting a Buster Chain in the next turn with either luck or the mages association uniform.

EMIYA can blow Wave 1-2, generate 40-50 stars for her and then she uses them on the following turn to crit. If you don’t get her cards she can increase his crit damage and attack so it’s not a lost cause.

There are CEs like 2030 that passively generate stars and ones like the Gilfest drop CE that grants 20 stars on entering (this one is better with combat uniform).

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By-the-book picks:

  • Nobuzerker with maxed 2nd skill + 2030 will help to generate almost 20 stars per turn with minimal risk of stealing them (unless you want them to with 3rd skill). My new favorite offensive support.

  • Hans + 2030 generates stars to similar effect and can beef crit damage, arts chain for NP charge, and eventually up NP damage.

  • Mozart with Poster Girl can star bomb with 3rd skill for guaranteed crits 1 turn, equip the next incoming servant with Golden Catches the carp for some extra star goodness.

Atypical picks you could try:

  • Lancer Vlad also has passive stargen tied to a skill + an NP damage up for the team. Give him 2030 or GCarp and he could help add a little DPS to archer enemies Istar would pan neutral damage against.

  • Saberlot is a veritable goldmine of stars on demand and also has a QAABB deck like Ishtar. If you don’t use his second vacuum skill, he can provide a solid amount of skill-based stars at lower star-weight than Aqua but still abuse nasty crit damage if a stray lancer enemy were to appear. You could equip him with Hot Spring Under the Moon, Cheer for Master, Fox Night Dream, or good ol’ 2030. I’d be really interested in running him with Ishtar (if I had her… :fgo_deadinside:)

Well if you feel like counting cards you can predict when your gonna get Ishtar’s buster cards and pop the skill when your sure and have a way to produce starts to work with this as someone stated above many common choices