Make your own unique refines!


Summer Corrin’s Sealife Tome refine. Just because i love that animation:
Coral Reef Tome: 14 MT +3 speed
Grants +4 atk/speed to unit and allies within 2 spaces if number of allies movement types is =<2. (Idk why, but dual Tactic can be fun)
Atk speed Bond 3


And with Ny Corrin (New Year weapons are the defensive version of the Nohrian summer one)
Hama Yumi 14 mt +3 def
Grants +4 Def/Res to unit and allies within 2 spaces, only if allies movement types =<2
Def Res bond (… Idk if his Res can be adjusted with a +9 boost)

edit: well, He reaches a… Okaysh(?) 27 res… Isn’t that bad.


A quick round of DC weapon refines. All of em have base effect just DC
Just gonna do a quick explaination. Not full mimic of the game text.

Heals 30% of damage dealt by specials

-1 special CD trigger

Prevents doubles if def is 5 higher during combat

+10 damage when special triggers

Spectrum solo (+3 to all stats)

Quick Riposte 5

Stout Tomahawk
Infantry Pulse

Negate dragon effective weapons.


Raijinto and Stout Tomahawk are redundant since some unit’s that have them share those effects in their kit. (Expiration kinda broken especially on L!Robin) Though, some of these need a lil kick to make em really good.

Let's see here...

Ragnell: 16mt
Distant Counter + -1 special CD trigger.
Refine : Heals 30% of damage dealt by specials.

Alondite: 16mt
Distant Counter + -1 special CD trigger.
Refine : Inflicts -1 special CD charge per attack.

Siegfried: 16mt
Distant Counter + Bracing Stance 2
Refine : Prevents foe’s doubles if def is 5 higher during combat.

Raijinto: 16mt
Distant Counter + Swift Sparrow 2
Refine : +10 damage when special triggers

Gradivus: 16mt
Distant Counter + Renewal 3
Refine : Spectrum Solo (+4 to all stats)

Leiptr: 16mt
Distant Counter + Breath (CD charge +1)
Refine : Special Spiral 3

Stout Tomahawk: 16mt
Distant Counter + Breath (CD charge +1)
Refine : Wrath 3

Expiration: 16mt
Distant Counter + DEF/RES Smoke
Reduce damage from first attack from dragon effective weapons by 30%.



Nowi’s Dragonstone.
Unit Can Counterattack Regardless Of Distance
Refine: If Unit Starts The Combat, Grants Atk/Spd +5 During Combat.
Probably My Dream Refine

Mar-I Mean Xander
Unit Can Counterattack Regardless Of Distance
If Foe Starts The Combat, Grants Def/Res +4 And Unit Makes A Guaranteed Follow-Up


Distant Counter is already the primary skill of the DC weapons, so they won’t get anything other than a +Eff.


Cursed lance refine for Valter
Special cool down - 1 and grants +4 atk and spd during combat, but unit takes six damage after. And then brazen atk/spd on top of that


Well, both stack. Flying Ryoma can get +20 special damage with that idea and Dorcas can fit two infantry pulses on one character.


Blessed Ragnell

Blessed by both Ashera and Yune make it equal to blessed by Ashunera herself

Forsake distant counter for Effective to anything under Ashunara’s creation

It is a joke lol


Thoughts on a couple of the innate DC weapons

Ragnell: Both Young Ike and Ike VL do a healing tank role. The main thing they want is to take less damage. So I’d suggest Bracing Stance to increase their general longevity. I could also see Swift Stance/Steady Posture since they hate being doubled as well. Honestly it’s hard to come up with a refine to make Young Ike good that doesn’t make Ike VL insane. IS should just let Young Ike learn Radiant Aether.

Leiptr: Obviously Null C. Disrupt, since it conflicts with Shield Pulse and Fjorm desperately wants it.

Gradivus: I like the solo skill idea, since it benefits cavs much more than armors. But Hardin can also choose to refine for a stat and get a big boost.

Alondite and Expiration: Probably shouldn’t get one. Even if the +Eff is bad, letting Zelgius/Robin have access to a stat refine is too much.

Don’t use Ryoma, Xander, or Dorcas, so not sure what they should get.


Shamshir: Accelerates Special trigger (cooldown count-2, to a minimum of 1).
Refine: Atk/Spd Solo 3


“Pikachu who?” is refine for Reinhardt:
10 MT - 2 SPD, Units attacks twice at both phase
If the unit starts the battle, foe cannot counterattack


That’s so bs i might sue you. >:(


Ophelia refine:
Missiletainn: Accelerates Special trigger (cooldown count-1). At the start of turn 1, grants Special cooldown count-1 for each magic ally on your team (including unit). Increases damage and area of AOE specials by 500%. Always does 1 true damage.
Refine: Hardy Bearing+Special Spiral




Breath of Blight : nulls effective against dragons. does it’s effect every 3/4 turns instead of just on turn 4. And gives him DC. But tbh i’d still be just as happy if I could get +5 hp on his weapon so he could ploy better.


Wait… It’s only on turn 3 not 6-9-12 and so on? Well… It kinda sucks o.o


Yeah same with Gharnef, if they just did it every third turn they wouldnt be completely useless. But alas, Breath of Blight is just a breath with anti dragon damage on it which is meh at best.(just looked at it again and its actually just on turn 4.)


My NY!Corrin weapon would be grants Atk+3, with Drive Def/Res +3, and refine to have an “effective against beast/dragon”.


Azama’s Charm:

Damage dealt is calculated using unit’s Defense stat rather than Attack.

chaos ensues