Making some np1 quick servants looping more stable

I was just wondering whether a np1 parvati buffed by paraclesus’ np gain buff and her imaginary around at lvl9 would be able to refund 50% on the first wave which are usually 10k-15 k mobs?

You could then plugsuit a Skadi and then continue from there. I think doing so would let at least one skadi’s quick buff last till turn 4 which would prevent your turn from being a sitting duck in case the 3rd wave boss doesn’t die immediately.

I would really appreciate if someone could test it on a node which closely represents a typical event node(like village 67 free quest in lb2) since I literally do not have a single leveled 3 star let alone paracelsus with his skills maxed

I could test for you, Paracelsus is my buddy… If I had a skadi…

I have been doing Shinjuku page node, with Helena instead of 2nd skadi. W1 is easy ko and 55% refund. W2 needs skadi’s def down and battery, and one mob still lives so if you get a single Parvati q/a crit, you refund over 100% (can’t tell how much since np1). W3 only has the 1 gazer, but if you get another quick crit, you can get to 95%,and top off with her own battery for a 4th np.

Highly card rng dependent, but it’s pretty fun. I do have kscope on Helena, who can clear w1, which I will use instead of Parvati if w1 has too many Parvati’s a/q cards.

I’ll see what I can manage with a single skadi on village 67 later.


Thanks a lot for agreeing to test it out

Okay, I tried support skadi, Parvati (kscope), Paracelsus (golden sumo), plugsuit Helena to stand in for skadi 2 and non mlb kscope.

W1: Parvati’s quick/gain, philosopher’s stone/arts up and ce starbomb from paracelsus, then switch Helena for battery. Cards: NP, quick crit, Helena buster. Med/large mob weren’t KO, but Parvati’s crit took care of large and Helena killed medium. Np only refund: 43%, refund after quick crit she had 82%.

Tried again with Helena’s tricolor buff, np got 51% and quick crit got her to 94%. So you can possibly get away with only a single skadi buff on T1 with weak enough mobs with paracelsus’s 50% gain, but it will require mlb kscope for Parvati because her self battery is only good for 10% and plugsuit paracelsus prevents use of mages association with it’s 20% battery. Otherwise your using one of the skadi batteries T1 (in my case Helena’s) and will rely on art/quick crits on enemies you didn’t KO to fully refund rather than just reaching the 50% benchmark.

In this node it worked out. I got a crit T1 that got refund in range of self battery for t2. Helena had kscope, so I softened the wave with her np before Parvati, which Parvati KO and refunded 55% despite only 2 enemies, leaving skadi ready to refill for T3, where I got a brave chain that let me 100% refund for a 4th consecutive np that still had a single skadi quick buff.


So its still a bit rng dependent to get that one quick crit for parvati to refill her np gauge.

Thanks for telling me this

2 more questions:What are your parvati’s skill levels and given this new info who should I raise first between helena and paracelsus?

Parvati np1 triple 10

Paracelsus if you want to arts loop or have a low hp wave clearer with a giant battery. I’ve used him forever as a back to back np’s clearer on assassin and zerker mobs with kscope. He usually refunds 20% on his own buffs unless the zerkers are a little too beefy, in which case he’d need external buffs or his fancy new np gain skill.

Helena for more general support. She’s got much stronger neutral damage on np and can enable countless 3T strategies that don’t require waver / skadi / arash /plugsuit if you have a couple kscope and one wave is within her range.

I’d definitely level both though

I don’t have 2 kscopes sadly but still helena is better than schez or sieg for wave clearing

Is a cas gil and support tamamo enough for a servant like paracelsus,sieg,schez or nito for arts looping?
(Yes I have them all,sue me)

I have all but shez myself, no need to sue :slightly_smiling_face:

Sieg and shez are supposed to be the loopers. I haven’t played around with it yet, but paracelsus and Tamamono are key. Bride too, but I don’t know how much prior to her RUQ next anniversary. I haven’t seen casgil and Helena listed as a support in arts loop comps, but I won’t know until I try it out.

After a bit more bond farming for another attempt at skadi, I’ll start figuring out looping sieg.

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I could try it out and my Para is on level 8 philosophers stone but I don’t have a Kscope just an IE. My Parvati is also NP 1 with 9/9/10 skills. Give me some time. I can also try double Skadi if you want.

A dash of Arash can always make everything stable. After all, the most reliable way to refund 200% is to make it so you only need to refund 100%.


Is a nero bride neccessary for arts looping?

Required? Probably not. Helpful? Definitely.

Pretty sure this chart is rank up bride, but she’s not required for every possibility. Depends on what CE’s and other supports you have.

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Since all of them need mlb scopes ,I will just stick to my quick and buster servants


Or just take the mlb imaginary element ce requirement as your sample, and build from there?

Then DSS becomes redundant,just make a buster 3T team

See that assumes I have a tamamo/nero bride which sadly I haven’t been lucky enough to pull

Arash is a completely legitimate addition for Skadi comps. He still allows for more event CEs than a triple buster comp.

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I suppose so, Tamamo or nero bride are almost compulsory for arts looping so bad luck.

Ah good point

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