Male or female Byleth?

So now that we finally got one of the Byleths, which Byleth do you think is stronger?
Honestly just curious

  • Male Byleth is stronger
  • Female Byleth is stronger

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Also, please only judge on statspread and not the terrible terrible outfit

Male Byleth. They’re both pretty similar in stats (at least at neutral) so I’m judging based on base kit.

Male has DC.

Stat-wise, they’re extemely similar.

Same HP
Male has 2 more Atk
Female has 2 more Spd
Male has 1 more Def
Female has 1 more Res

Base kits are very different.

Female has Fury 4, Wrath, and Even Atk Wave
Male has DC, Chill Spd, and Odd Spd Wave

Really, it’s just personal preference.

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Just gonna repeat this:


'Nuff said.

Although,it pisses me off that Male Byleth has less Res than Female,like,wtf.He ain’t gonna do shit with Base 20 Res…

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DC with low res…

Honestly they really are to much the same, Male has 2 more Atk and 1 more Def, Female has 2 more Spd and 1 more Res. Going off of base Stats I prefer Male, More Atk with still a really good Spd is always good, but Female is still not that bad. Now going off of Base kit, Females is honestly better in my eye’s, it all synergies very well together Fury 4 giving her more stats and gets her into Wrath easily and with a wave Atk skill she can hit even harder, Male the only real thing he has going for him is DC and that won’t help much when he gets killed pretty easily from mage anyways… a base 20 res is really sad, chill Atk would have honestly been a better b skill for his base kit since it would help him tank mages a little better, a Spd wave skill is ok but eh

I think they both have their uses and advantages despite being extremely similar. For the build I’m thinking of though, female Byleth pulls it off slightly better though male would still be more than viable.

Side note, female Byleth’s outfit is growing on me. I still don’t like it, but I mind it a lot less now.


I think it’s the Art. her artist actually did her justice and fixed her huge head.

I prefer DC than Fury.

Fury lowers survivability by a truck load, and unless you’re using Desperation, a healing Special, or a healer then you won’t be battling too many opponents.

Even with 23 base resistance (+1 +Res male Byleth) he has 41 base HP along with his 38 base speed.

I don’t like using low resistance units with Distant Counter under normal circumstances, but I prefer it over using glass cannons.

They both have different kits but imho, F!Byleth is better out of the box. Fury4 for more stats and synergizes well with her B skill: Wrath, which actually helps shore up Ruptured Sky’s middling damage on human enemies. Creator Sword deals with armors and even though Armored mages are a thing, she’d have enough SPD/RES to take at least 1 hit and counter with wrath damage on the next turn.

M!Byleth can be better but he would need investment. (interestingly by eating either an Edelgard/Dimitri/Claude for their B/C skills)

I’m surprised most of the votes didn’t go to Female Byleth because you know how much IS loves their waifus.

Wait you didn’t hear that most people dislike her
Also this is only combat based

Except a lot of people don’t even like her design and the fact that she’s supposed to be a teacher but she’s dressed like someone who just walked out of the club but didn’t have time to get changed.

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IS wants the people who buy their products to have an advantage. Ergo, those who buy 3H should get the stronger Blythe (who is male).

Surprised at how split this is. Guess it goes to show that strong arguments can be made for both of them.
I voted female because of her kit. DC on a character with Res that crummy is… unreliable, IMO. I don’t particularly like Fury 4 but Wrath is a huge win.

Besides the fact that she was dressing like that before she even started as teacher and they still let her become a teacher

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Depends on how you want to judge this. Female Byleth has the better base kit, since she can easily spam her special with her default alone. At best, Guyleth’s Chill Spd I guess is nice to make up for his slightly lower Spd stat and his Res is terrible for DC (though bad Res hasn’t stopped people from slapping DC on a unit regardless before so wutev). But in a meta where damage really matters, I’d say Guyleth edges out female Byleth in the end. 40 Spd compared to 38 Spd doesn’t make much of a difference in the long run when most of their match ups are going to be on the slower end anyway.

I’m going to approach this more from a practical standpoint than theoretical. Both Byleths are very expensive to pull, which means probably none of us are going to +10 them within several months and even fewer will ever full-merge them, which means they don’t get the max-investment treatment, which means base kit matters. Max-investment units have priority when it comes to top-tier fodder, and we have so many other demands on our orbs that it’s hard to provide much of stuff like spiral or wrath.

So for most people, F.Byleth is strongly preferred due to the base kit. Probably change out fury 4 for swift sparrow or brazen atk/def, but that’s not so expensive. M.Byleth needs probably wrath or some other expensive B-skill unless you want to use him primarily as a support unit whose “specialized area of coverage” (like a TA unit’s specialized area of coverage is opponents that are triangle disadvantaged against them) is opponents who like to cheat with fighter skills or prf forced doubles. If you get F.Byleth and you don’t need two different Byleths (ex: for assault modes) then M.Byleth probably serves you better as DC fodder than as a combatant.