Mama Raikou or Altjuna?

Which one should I roll for, in terms of performance? I’m playing in FGO/NA and I still have time to save up for Arjuna Alter. I wanted to get Raikou but there are some people saying that Arjuna Alter might be a better choice. Meanwhile, some also said that Raikou’s critical star generation is great.

Godjuna comes in 2 years; go for Raikou.

But remember: roll for love.

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i mean real talk?

gameplay wise

arjuna alter is better 100%
with him only lacking in
crit star generation AND damage only whem the enemy has debuff immune or high resist

imagine that damage(not as heav since this is a 500%% damage boost)
but still
can hit that ahrd to any target with debuff
(which surprise, merlin invul AND gandr stun counts so u dont even need to np)

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Yes, Arjuna Alter is probably better because he has ridiculous Attack buffs. But, as you said, he’s two years away. It’s not worth waiting for his slight advantage over Raikou if it means forsaking one of the best offensive units for two years.

Plus, Arjuna is a bit more reliant on expensive support, namely Fragment of 2030 and Merlin. He’s an exceptional crit unit but lacks the ability to generate stars, unlike Raikou who can create 20-25 stars alone on an NP that hits three enemies. If you can supply him with stars, he’s golden; otherwise, Raikou wins out.

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Metas may change, servants come and go in relevancy, but a mother’s love never fails.


As others have said Arjuna’s a bit better, but 2 years is a long ways off and that’s 2 years where Raikou will be top tier and will see a lot of use. Also even when Arjuna gets here that doesn’t stop Raikou still being a great servant anyway.


I got Mama Raikou with only 5 tickets so you might as well want to throw some tickets and hope that luck is on your side :) Best of luck either way!

Also, Mama Raikou will make you QoL so much better until Altjuna is out since she’ll help in farming duties


Let’s not forget she’s one of the best units for noobs to use until they get to Camelot. You’ll be drowning in FP if you accept any Mash-faces.

Mama Raikou is a girl, Arjuna is a boy.

The answer is clear.

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It’s been answered already, but it’s not like Raikou drops off in usefullness once Arjuna Alter comes out. She even gets an insanely good strengthening in two years.