Hi guys, i recently summoned her in this mystic banner in my second acc which i started a month ago

my question is if she is any good, should i jnvest in her or use her in fodder and if you guy have any ideas on how i can build her in time.

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Probably the tankiest Axe armor out there and great IVs so I’d definitely build her :feh_birbpeek:

How far you want to go with inheritance is up to you :feh_nini:



(for the shield session fodder)

so shes just super bulky in my opinion but shes a great unit if you can use her shield session correctly to get the most use out of it

also those IVs are epic

rlly ?!? would habe thought sutr or hector are tankier than her xo

don’t have any unit that could make good use of shield sessikn jn that account

Her PRF Axe denies follow-ups if there’s a nearby ally as well as increasing her bulk, which allows her to run VF. Her base kit is fine, maybe with Atk smoke and Def/Res bond or Close Def


i personally need the fodder so thats just my preference but shes a great unit with dumb bulk

She’s a L!Hector (vengeful while negating follow ups) with a HELL of a lot more def/res, and like Surtr can barely be hurt unless she attacks.

She’s the kind of unit that is great for an armor for now and will be a dime a dozen by the years end and as gen 4 winds down. I’d give her dc if you want and SF if you want to use her since you can fodder them both at the same time.

ahhh ok, thanks for the help, i will see if i can get any heroes with these skills and wil ltry to build her

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This would be a cheap build that can hit up to 63 Def and 59 Res :feh_bernieshock:

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thanks for the help, i’ll try to see if i can manage to get her this build

I really like the art and character of Mamori, it’s just been tough justifying foddering off–a bad IV Naga–for SF/ DC when I have a +1 W!Sothis for AR-D.

Depends on your goals. For me, I don’t really like armor units right now - very oppressed in the arena meta to the point where they are not enjoyable to use :/ And no merges means not much use in scoring modes. Selena and many other units are going to shred through her sadly.

I’d say if you already have a green armor with DC, I would pass on investing further into her. If you really want a DC axe armor for pve, then she’s okay for that purpose. I already have DC on Brave Ephraim from when he first came out, and I have Nagi to mess around with as well, and these units are fine for pve. I also have access to Legendary Hector, an invested Surtr, and Picnic Flora. Sadly, I don’t see any need for her in my barracks (I got her as well on this most recent banner) and don’t really use my armors much to begin with.

But for newer players who don’t have any invested green axe armors, she can fill that hole for in pve armor teams for quests and to use on infernal/abyssal maps pretty easily. You can maybe use her as an off-unit in Mjolnir Strike or with pair-up units for Allegiance Battles as well, assuming you have nothing better.

If you are going to use Mamori though, I’d recommend Bonfire, Distant Counter, Vengeful Fighter 3, Armor March 3 and Mirror Stance 2 or Fierce Stance 3 for her seal. I don’t recommend Special Fighter 3. For enemy phase, it’s not really that good on her. Save it for someone else who actually uses it better.


I agree. These green axe armors, even if you do build them differently from each other, start to really blend in. Only Surtr really feels unique still, due to Sinmara being way too good. He’s such a flexible unit and has aged really well.

I look at an older units like Brave Ephraim (assuming the player already has him with DC already)… and while he is definitely weaker by comparison, he’s not worth replacing for pve - he’s fine. Brave Ephraim is a refine away from matching or out-pacing Mamori too.

People say Legendary Hector got powercrept, but not by much in practice. Hector’s bonus unit status, Ostia Pulse utility and superior kit still makes him more appealing as a one-off unit imo. I like that you can pull for him and just have a ready-to-go armor unit. Mamori needs DC at least, and probably Armor March, and that’s a bit of a put-off for me. I do like that she has Vengeful Fighter though - it works for her.


I still see Surtr all the time in Tier 20-21 Arena, more than probably any other axe armor? I haven’t kept track really, but it feels like I run into Surtrs all the time.

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I still run into him sometimes too. He’s a really good unit still - my arena core can’t one-shot him, but Itsuki can enemy phase and I kill him on the next turn. With Surtr, you can do Player Phase Galeforce or Enemy Phase Tank - he can do it all. Still tier 1 imo. I really love using him in Mjolnir Strike at the top of the map. He’s way too useful there.


It happens enough that I always have a plan for him if he appears. If I didn’t have Edelgard running around in the upper section of Mjolnir’s, Surtr would be my next choice. I’m still mad that I didn’t +10 him on his first banner, but I just didn’t have the orbs. :P

I’m sort of kicking myself for not +10’ing too. I have him with 2 merges only :(

The only real drawback to Surtr is that his base kit is really meh. You either have to give him Sturdy Stance 3 with Vengeful Fighter 3, or Galeforce with Death Blow 4 and Bold Fighter 3 to really capitalize. A big ask if not +10. I did go the Bold Fighter 3 route though.