Mamoswine versus other Ice attackers

Ice is a great type on gym offence, tearing apart dragons (most are doubly weak), Togekiss, Drifblim and both Exeggutors. Looks like many legendaries (especially in Gen V) are weak to Ice.

Of course, Mamoswine is strictly superior to all other Ice attackers in both DPS and TDO, but there are specific matchups where it is not the best Ice attacker. Could we identify them? The obvious one is the Exeggutors in gyms, as Mamoswine is weak to their Grass moves.

I have maxed a 96% Mamoswine, taken another four to level 30 and am seeking another 96+% one to max out, but if there are enough relevant matchups, I may consider maxing a Glaceon as well (I have multiple 98% Eevees) or adding Ice Beam to my Focus Blast Mewtwo (but 100 RC is a lot). Unfortunately, I have only one Weavile, with dark moves and IVs not worth maxing out.

Lugia with Hydro Pump, Latios with Solar Beam, Grass types in general. if you are running a Mud Slap/Bulldoze Mamoswine beware of Arcanine, Flareon, Dialga and Entei.

There’s also Solar Beam Groudon. If you don’t have sufficient grass types at the top end, a Glaceon will outperform Mamoswine (I’m pretty sure).

Max one of those Eevees into a Glaceon since that’s my favorite Pokémon probably and I’ll fight you if you don’t


Remember that the standard executor is double weak to bug type attacks, so the alolan version is your only ice concern (unless you don’t want to use a bug…in that case fire, poison, flying, ghost and dark are equally effective against the original one, as much as dragon, fairy, poison, bug and flying are to the second one).If you already have a Mamoswine I don’t think you will find to much use to a Glaceon in the gym department (Unless you like it or have another not tactical motive).

In the raid scenario Ice attacker like Mamoswine or Glaceon are top raid attackers but usually aren’t number one against mons that aren’t double weak to them(like Rayquaza), so unless you live in a zone with the snow clime that boost ice attacks you will prefer to use dragons against dragon or water/grass against ground bosses. So currently the best use in raids for a Glaceon will be an alolan executor (Who isn’t that difficult to beat with less effective types)…Now if a boss like shaymin sky form is realease as a lvl 5 raid, then glaceon will shiny over Mamoswine.