Man, bad decisions regarding grails hurts

So a long while back I made bad decisions with grails and foddered two G!Marths for Drive Atk. And now I’m hurting because my G!Marth is at +7 and it costs 500 to get another copy. So 1500 grails until +10. And then Berkut comes along and it’d take me 1,350 grails to +10 him and he’s at +0 right now, and give him that sweet speedy build. Why do I have to do this to myself, past me?

I had this situation before, Walhart could of been +10 if i didn’t kill one for Chill Def…


Hey, it was a while ago, okay?

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Yeah, I apparently foddered a Walhart at some point?

And I killed off like all but one of my Michalis. :pensive:

I sent home a bunch of Kagero and Saizos a few weeks ago because I didn’t think I’d ever use them and the feathers were more worth it than their fodder


I haven’t spent any of my grails, yet.

But I can imagine it hurts.

That’s the worst. I used to have a lot of Gordins, but I sent them home. And now he’s a merge project of mine, and I’m hurting


If anything, I regret making units into manuals. I’m pretty sure I had a +Res Saizo but I don’t think I’d ever use it, so I probably made him into a +Res.

Now I don’t have one. :roll_eyes:


What is this blasphemy?!

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I made up for it by making my OG Marth +10, 10 DF, and making the commitment to +10 L!Marth

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The numbers don’t lie

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So you are in this predicament too.

Of not having any grails to +10 G!Marth? Absolutely

they laughed at me for taking AR seriously. Now they suffer

Just accept that Haar is the best grail unit, and join the napping boi side!

People have been converted to BIGnis, so why not Napping Boi too!?

filthy filthy non-Heath flyers…

Why use Haar when I could use Gerome? :smirk:


Why use bootleg Batman when you can fodder for Poleaxe :thinkinglikelukas: