Man she's fun to use :) + Update from IRL

Hey dudes, its been a while but anyways:
Spent nearly all my 200 orbs and managed to get 3 Lyns! :feh_flaynsmile:

I’ve always wanted to build an OG Lyn and finally I managed to pull 3 of them. Sure, I blew everything over again (which means I have to save for Nino-chan again), but still, managed to get a unit I’ve really wanted for a while (Also it helps that Lyn is one of my fav lords so ye)

Anyways, been trying her out and man, she’s extremely fun to use :slight_smile:

Note that I do not have enuf SP to give her Atk Smoke 3 yet, but she’ll get it soon
And yes, I did make a pretty big mistake by merging into +Res by accident (or so I thought and originally regretted), but actually it helps her to tank dragons and mages better if she needs to tank so it helps her with her mixed bulk so I’m actually pretty happy about that!

And some kills:

So yea. She’s really fun to use!

Anyways, just some IRL matters. If u’ve noticed that I’ve been around less frequently, its actually bc school’s gotten a lot more busy now, but its actually more than that.

I’ve realised I’ve given myself way too much stress, trying to finish homework b4 weekends, and worrying about the amount of crap I have to study (its pretty content heavy) bc of my stupid Asian genes wanting to do well and whatnot. And I’ve realised that its burning me out really quickly and its showing I think like 2-3 weeks ago.

Negative, dark thoughts have been spiralling in my mind, so thats why I’ve been away for a bit, bc I need them to go away first. If u all didn’t know, I gave myself this same level of stress, in fact more during last year, which caused me to lose my love for learning the subjects I love and sunk into a 10 week depressive phase.

Then again, no worries, its much better after some parent and friend interactions and going to church and all that. Still recovering, but its not that serious anymore. Am currently reworking my life habits so that it becomes better and that I’ll be back to normal. And yes, I will get better.

But anyways, hope u guys r doing well :slight_smile:




I’ve always thought her refine looks like tons of fun to use :thinking: Just unfortunate that she’s been powercrept so hard. :/
Yeah, school kinda sucks…


Idunn gang rise up.

I think it was @af1899 @Tactician, @TMFM, @Venatorio and @Master_Squalala


Audino, Athena and Mareeta are the only two that can really do what she does. Latter is 5* exclusive, former doesn’t have a Brash Assault effect to go with it. Though she does have a Wo Dao effect :thinking:

I’d still consider her pretty viable. Doesn’t need Feathers, if anything. I know I’d prefer her.


It sucks when the pressure of doing well and exams get to u which is currently now.
It always has to be that one thing that makes me question my choices and kicks away my love for learning.
Gotta stop making it a big deal :feh_angrynino:


You got the mentions right!, but @Pokyo was the remanining one :ok_hand:t2:.


What… what’s this… why is our girl getting bullied like that…? :feh_idunnstare:.

Oh man, the worst is that she’s often seen as fod and also showcase material due to her strong defensive stats, to see if people can KO her with an old FEH unit like Lyn. Why you had to do this @VegitoSSJ2 !?, she’s went through a lot…! :catsob: :catsob: :catsob:.
Now time to search for a SF!Nino, this gave me a g00d idea, and revenge is sweet :feh_reinthink:


Apologies dude.

Where’s that “I don’t like where this is going” GIF when I need it


Oh man, first I’ll need to have a little fun, got to do something for justice :feh_idunnstare:



Less about being power crept by units capable of doing the same thing, and more that her role as a Red Infantry is… Really, really contested. Her Atk stat is so so so bad after all.

She’s cool, and fun, but I don’t think her pseudo-brave effect is all that impressive anymore.


Oh sweet, thanks.



28 isn’t that bad compared to some others, needless to say it gives her other stats some room

I never did say she’s an ideal pick for a red Infantry, but I just think that she ain’t a bad unit, even if there are better choices out there. If she’s cool and fun, that’s all one really needs in my book. :feh_loncool:

Ofc, that’s just how I see it.

Err, it it kinda bad heh. I can’t think of many good units with less than 30 base attack.

Oh, she’s still usable by all means. Most power crept units are usable and worth the investments if you care for the unit. But she’s still power crept horribly, so if you invest in her it’s out of favoritism and not competitive reasons is all!


Understandable. I may not have any Asian blood in me (I’m basically full-blooded European), but since I have high-functioning autism, I have always done well in school. I’ve basically always been an A student, so that pressure can be very overwhelming.


Yeah, can agree on that much. The competitive scene ain’t very forgiving for units like her :feh_tooobin:

But that’s all I’m really trying to say. She’s usable. If you want someone that’ll win your fights in PvP, there are better options, but if you’re using her for the sake of using her, there’s nothing stopping ya.


And I entirely agree with that!


Hurray for agreement :feh_hridexcited:


Well, The Deed was done, although with my other favourite but eh it counts :feh_idunnstare: went for the highest difficulty on story mode, finding this one outside the story more is pretty unlikely…

But justice was done :feh_idunnstare: