Mana Gauge & other options

My question is rather simply. At Max Level, Mana Gauge grants 1000 ATK and a 10% boost to attack of Casters.

So, does this actually cancel out a Caster’s .90 modifier? And if so, what CEs would be better, still granting a Caster their full power.

I’m also a bit bored, and am Summoning the FP to see about getting that fourth CE copy of Saint’s Invitation before I start the Event. So I’m curious. Assume no buffs other than the CE in question, by the way.

it gives a 10% damage buff to servants attacking caster class enemies that have it equipped, not a 10% damage buff to caster class servants that have it equipped

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Nope Mana gauge CE doesn’t work like that it increases own damage against caster enemies so use it on a rider servant i did the same mistake when I was noob


I’ve got an Origin Bullet CE. Single Copy but it’s still better, so into the MLB 100/100 CE MG shall go.

yeah, origin bullet is just a flat upgrade in every way (even boasting better stat distribution and anti-invincibility as a bonus)

though also, as far as the maths go, mana gauge still wouldn’t completely nullify caster damage modifiers. since .9*1.1=.99