Mana prism shop CE's


Is mona lisa the most useful CE in the mana prism shop? I know chaldea lunchtime exists but i find QP more valuable than bond points. Also how long till chaldea lunchtime becomes available in the rare prism shop and are there any future CE’s in the mana shop worth noting?


Mona Lisa - QP
Personal Lesson - Mystic code exp
Personal Training - Master exp
Chaldea Lunchtime - bond

Edit: All are gone from the MP shop you can’t get them with MP again only with Rare prisms

Next Mana Prism CE is Chaldea Teatime - bond which is in 2 years. You can just stack up on MPs because some lucky bags with QP exp appear sometimes in the shop


Is lunchtime better than teatime? from what i saw teatime seems to only give 1%~5% bond points compared to lunchtimes 2%~10% also any ETA on when lunchtime becomes available in rare prism shop?


Don’t know exactly when but if it’s the same as other cycled out CEs probably within 10 months, so maybe by October this year.

Lunchtime gives 10% more bond regardless if it’s yours or a friend.
Teatime I believe gives 5% at MLB of your using your own and 15% if on a friend, which makes Teatime better if you use your own Lunchtime + friend Teatime


the following CEs are gonna be coming into the MP shop, in addition to those 4 that can be bought in the RP shop
they all give 1% and 5% at mlb when you use your own, and 3-15% when using a friend support one

for mystic code

for bond

for qp