Managed to pull Mordred but is NP1 is enough?


As per everyone suggestions, I go with my guts and spend 30 SQ and 16 Tickets and what do you know? Finally got her after using tickets but the new question is thus NP1 enough for her to do looping and what kind of efficient setup for her?

Np1 is easily enough, but np2 helps with getting extra damage.

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Recommendations for arts support? I’m don’t have Tamamo btw

Which Arts supports do you have?

Caster Gil, Hans, Waver, Paracelsus, Mozart, Boudica,

Unless you’re trying to loop against mid to high HP enemies, NP1 is usually enough (particularly for surfing through doors).

As for teams…

Helena (NP Charge + Arts buff), CasGil (Arts buff + ATK buff for easier overkill), Tamamo (Arts buff), Nero Bride (NP Gain buff + ATK buff), and Paracelsus (Arts buff + NP Gain buff) once he gets his Strengthening Quest this coming anniversary.

They’re the usual people you want to pair with SurfMo to buff her enough so she can refund 100% with each NP. Depending on which Servants you use, what the skill levels are, and the enemy HP, you might not always refund 100% so you might need to experiment a bit to find exactly which ones work.

Waver is useful if you cannot refund 100% each time as he can help charge her for the next one. Boudica’s Arts buff too low for my tastes and she doesn’t give anything else like ATK or NP Gain or NP charge like all the other options. Mozart’s Arts buff has a high value but only lasts one turn.

I think your best bet would be Paracelsus (after his strengthening), Waver, and CasGil/Support Tamamo, plus the plugsuit.

Surf Mo with K-scope (preferable) or MLB IE, buff with her first skill, buff with Paracelsus and CasGil/Tamamo, swap one of the two supports with Waver, charge Waver’s 2nd and 3rd skill (if using MLB IE use Waver’s 1st or Surf Mo’s 3rd), then use her NP.

If you fail to charge 100% with just the NP, you can use Waver’s skills or Surf Mo’s 3rd to top up the rest then NP again Wave 2. Fill it up again then NP Wave 3.

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