Mandela effect

This might sound like a crazy topic but have there ever been a servant where you thought they looked one way but turned out they weren’t the whole time? Here are some examples:

Avenger Gorgon: When the hell did she have legs? I’ve seen the Babylonia anime and she didn’t have legs and I’ve used friend support gorgons for a while and never noticed them until recently. Now I can’t unsee them and they look so unnatural and out of place since they just hang there and don’t do anything.

Isthar: Ishtar is one of my favorite Archers in the game and recently on Reddit some guy was complaining about why did delight works put shoes on her 3rd ascension. I checked and she does indeed have giant shoes that I never noticed. I wish I could unsee that post.

Nezha: I don’t have Nezha but I’ve always envisioned her as “that juicy thigh lancer.” That was until I used a friend Nezha and low and behold, her thighs are covered with ugly fishnet stockings. They are on every ascension too so I’m still wondering how could I have missed this?

Anyone else have horror stories of designs that were ruined by a detail you missed?


I, too, have no idea how you missed Nezha’s tacky fishnets. :stuck_out_tongue:


Not really


Martha Ruler, I had to use her for one of the Summer FES quests and I thought for the longest time that her second ascension was an actual outfit. Don’t get me wrong I still lover her, but I constantly feel the need to put my characters in actual clothes and I was shocked when I realized I couldn’t with her.

There was quite a long while where I always saw Hundred Faces’ 1st ascension as having a big nose for some reason and her eyes being much higher up under the hood

The furrow/ridge thing between the eyes was the “nose”, and the brow of the skull mask was the “mouth”, and the nose was the chin
Idk why it just happened like that, I guess I never really saw the bottom of the mask clearly and never associated the mask with a skull like the other Hassans


This ruined me


oh god now I can’t unsee it either. Why!? In the anime she clearly had a snake lower body and it made perfect sense.

I used to think chloe’s FA art is just her lying there in a suggestive way. Then I got her last month and realized that there are less clothes on her FA :fgo_coffee:


Gorgon has two bodies. She has the more snake-like body when’s she’s pretending to be Tiamat and then she has legs when she’s summoned as a Servant.



You’re welcome for the new association.


You ain’t alone in that. I thought exactly the same until I ascended her and she lost the hood. Then I clearly saw it… :sweat_smile:


I hate you. I was already trying to forget until you blasted the memory open!


I always liked the nets on her legs

What comes to mind is Suzuka’s hat in her second Ascension, I never noticed it until it was pointed out. So much for liking one of them (though it’s better than the other two still)

And shout-out to Emiya’s sleeves in his 3rd. That alone made me put him in 1st sprite instead :fgo_gudako: the problem is with me though


This. Babylonia Gorgon has a snake lower body, like most versions of Medusa in fiction, so when you think of the character, you are much more likely to think of this version.

Which actually makes this a perfect example of the Mandela Effect: someone seeing or misremembering a certain, more intuitive version of a thing (trivia, logo, mascot, thicc snek, etc.), and then thinking that all versions of said thing are like that, only to get confused when another, possibly more authentic version looks different. Whether it’s a fun little observation or an example of the ME then entirely depends on whether you conclude that you had a misconception, or that you are too perfect for that and therefore the entire universe has to be wrong instead.


It could have gone so well with plain stockings. Why did it have to be fishnets?


The dude who was complaining that she put shoes on is down bad


Really? I didn’t even look at that hat, it looked at me


You’re welcome :fgo_coffee:


But it was a collective effort :fgo_davinci_coffee:


Also @lordhelpme for thinking this was a throne at first and not her pigtails