Mandricardo 2nd skill requirement

Hello there, you probably got him from finishing the lostbelt or rolled on banner and might be wondering how to trigger 2nd skill’s requirement of 50%hp other than hoping enemies will do just enough damage to him with his 3rd skill to make his hp under %50 but will not kill him.
Worry not, here’s almost all the ways to trigger it more easily:

Actively lowering his hp:

  • using chloe’s bond ce (-200 hp per turn)

  • using black grail ce (-500 hp per turn)

  • Using gong’s taunt on him (enemies do damage)

  • using assassin emiya’s taunt on him (enemies do damage)

  • giving him guts ce and using gong’s np with him as the arrow

Making him take more damage:

  • using knight’s dignity (%20 def down)
using any of the following bond ces that give def down demerit to party

Elizabeth brave: Party Buster +20% // Party Defense -10%
Aśvatthāman: Party Buster +15% // Party Crit. Dmg +15% // Party Defense -10%
kiyo lancer: Party Buster +20% // Party Defense -10%
caenis: party buster +%15 + crit +%15 // Party Defense -10%
Artoria Pendragon (Rider Alter): Party attack +20% // Party’s Defense -15%
red hare: Party’s Quick +15% // Party’s Crit. Dmg +15% // Party’s Defense - 10%
babbage: Party Buster +20% //Party defense -10%
Xuanzang Sanzang: Party Buster +20% //Party defense -10%
cleopatra: Party NP Dmg +25% //Party Defense -10%
wu zetian: Party Quick +20% //Party defense -10%
Okita J Sōji: Party Quick +15% // Party Crit. Dmg +15% //Party Defense -10%
caligula: Party Buster +20% // Party defense -10%
Ibaraki Dōji: Party Buster +20% // Party defense -10%
chacha: Party NP Dmg +25% //Party defense -10%
penthesilia:Party Buster +20% // Party defense -10%
nobunaga berserker: Party Buster +15% // Party Crit. Dmg +15% //Party Defense -10%
atalanta alter:Party Quick +15% // Party crit . Dmg +15% //Party defense -10%
Demon King Nobunaga: Party Buster +15% // Party NP Dmg +10% //Party Defense -10%

sadly most of the def down bonds ces for busters so realistically only cleopatra and rider alter’s bonuses will be useful unless youre ok with quick up since that would allow using :horse: bond ce

ps: please tell me if there’s any other way to damage your own servants if you know any

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Poster girl or outrage are always options if you got them


If you’re truly desperate and out of ideas, you could use Gong’s sacrifice NP on him while he has Guts. You’ll need to have someone else Taunt that turn, as he’ll be low otherwise, but it’s at least possible. You would then pop the S2 the turn after.
Non-self Guts is somewhat rare, but there are options. Anni Blonde, CasNero, Romulus, and Paracelsus are all workable. Still, the levels of jank necessary to make it work make this somewhat infeasible, or at least less convenient than Skadi + Ushi or similar.