Manuela for cyl4

I was actually pretty worried about posting this here since there are people out there who hate this kinds of threads and I don’t want it to backfire :feh_notlikethis: but I decided that I should rally some support for my girl so here it is.
Manuela is just such a nice character and I really hope that she gets in feh I don’t even need her to win I just want her to get in top 100 so that she has a decent chance of getting in :feh_legion: we all have 7 slots for voting so can you just spend one of them on her so that she gets in the game? Please? Thank you nice person.
That’s all I need to say, but even if you do or do not vote for her I just want to thank you for spending your time reading this hope you have a nice day :feh_legion:



I personally don’t care, it’s a chance for me to post memes on pretty much every thread. Lol.


I love Manuela and she’s pretty popular (a lot of users here love her) I hope we’ll get her for the next 3H banner

I can’t vote her, Miriel is my priority this year, but good luck!




Ok. I don’t hate the CYL posts. Hell I made one myself. But no. Just no. I actually hate Manuela, I hate her more than Kronya. I understand wanting your character to get into FEH but really? Can I ask why you even like Manuela? Is it the looks? Because I see her as my least favourite FE character. I do actually want to see other people’s point of views.

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Oh lmao.
How ironic.
I just voted for her without seeing this thread. :feh_thinkinglikelukas:


Personally I like her bc she’s the oldest looking character in 3H and in anime-ish games there are three types of girls. From most to least common we have teenage to mid 20s booby girls, lolis, and old hags. Manuela is 40ish yo (at least that the age I feel she is from her lines) and still looks beautiful, an occurrence common in the real world and almost unheard of in anime. She has a very strong characterization, also rare for female characters, and I like the idea of a character who doesnt give up on love in spite of failed date after failed date.


I like her because she’s relatable :feh_legion: like she has an messy room, check. No boyfriend/girlfriend while extremely thirsty for one, check. She’s literally just me but good looking and female :feh_legion:


Ok. Thanks for your insight. To me though she still fits the ‘booby girl’ category, and the persistence seems more like ignorance. But I respect your opinion.


Alright I did think that the relatability thing is probably why people like her. I’m not anything like her but lol I do understand how people relate

You forgot Drinker, the most relatable part.


Oh yeah lol but I’m too young to drink so no

I’m not legal yet but knowing myself i would probably be a drinker when i grow up

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She is more of a comedic relief character with that ignorance imho. Like she does have her flaws, those flaws are obvious, but she refuses to see them.

However is a little time deaf to make alcoholism a comedic flaw and I’m not a fan of that aspect

Make sure you’re careful when you do! A couple drinks every now and this is fine but alcoholism isn’t. Also, you’ll think you’ll be fine tomorrow but tomorrow you’ll hate yourself. I know that from experience.

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I’ll vote for her the second half of the event. She is such a loveable mess; easily my favorite faculty character alongside Seteth.

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thank you :feh_hridexcited:

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