March details

typically they reveal details a week in advance to the month but alas we have no details about raids. I am calling some shots right now.

They have not revealed because of Pokemon Day.
On pokemon day we will get D and P remakes and then they will give us shiny diagla and palkia.
This is just a hunch but I feel that the evidence is there.

Based on the original announcement from Niantic, I’d say the Therians are first:

Also, the phrasing “debut” implies new stuff, not reruns, so we’ve got that going for us!

Which is nice

Its out, reruns of incarnate forms followed by 2 week runs of therians.

Also rather dull rehash of shadow birds

I can understand why they are rerunning the shadow birds, shadow mons hadn’t yet gotten the attack buff / defence nerf when they were out. I purified mine and lucky traded them, I don’t mind another shot at them. I imagine they will run through all of them that occurred pre-shadow change. With any luck by then this flipping pandemic will be under some semblance of control and they can start doing something new.

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Why is is whenever I want to start a theory of the new events they post… I find that odd. Talonflame got confirmed in a few hours same with my raid day and now this : (