Marie's Np refund

Can you guys please suggest some ways to make her np refund a bit consistent? My Np2 rank up marie doesn’t refund 49% on even wave 1 of the sandbar lvl80 node. That wave has <30k Caster mobs damn it

I am running a lvl20 scope +mage institute mc. Both the skadi’s have first skill at lvl10.

Her damage is probably too low to get enough overkill hits. Have you tried running Waver with Plugsuit and giving her HNS?

Her damage isn’t the problem(at least I don’t think so?) she does >220k per np. She gets like 2 ?overkil hits

I don’t have holy night,maybe painting summer will do the trick?

Hmm… Well, she works on doors, for me (at NP1), so I am not sure what the problem could be.

I mean, it’s not like Marie is supposed to be good for DSS, but I’d expect her to be able to handle a first wave of Casters.

That’s what I thought as well and moreover she is Np2,it should work

Split stats usually is a non-starter, I’m afraid. Do you have a high level Aerial Drive?

Started in jan this year :sob:

Maybe try using one of the skadi def downs? Or pre softening a mob? Otherwise you probably are stuck with plugsuit with a charger/buffer of choice. Helena has extra quick buffs that will help more than attack up, but waver allows for better ce options.

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No worries, you can get one this Halloween.

Well, if nothing else, Waver will still help with his attack buff and provide as much charge as you were getting from Mage’s. Worth a shot to see if that boost can put you over the edge.

I’ve been experimenting a lot with DSS myself, and have burned 4 command seals over the past couple days due to being 2% off of my NP…

She is at lvl1, never got around to raising her since waver and skadi ate all the caster mats

This is actually the most infuriating thing about marie.She does get 48% refund but that just irritates me more. If it was like 40 or 45% it wouldn’t have felt nearly as bad

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You really only need 1% more, then. I’d say try the Waver method, one more OK hit should do it.

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Could it be that you’re getting the random Berserker MOb (the chicken) in wave 1, causing the inconsistency in NP Gain? Or are you saying all three caster enemies in W1 do not give you the 49% minimum? 'Cause that would be really odd. My Marie is NP2 as well, I have my Skadi with 10/10/10 and a lvl 20 Kscope, just like you and she does doors no problem.

I haven’t tried the lvl 80 node in today’s session, but given your little issue here I might try one later just to see if the same happens to me.

Well, Gilfest should give you a good chance to fix that. I missed skadi myself, but combinations of Helena and paracelsus help fill in looping gaps… At least until I get waver and can try more CE’s than almost mlb’ed but not yet kscope (please come this f/z waver, :pleading_face: pretty please)

I do that on wave 2 but I have to use both def downs to get the refund and since she doesn’t have a steroid like parvati,that def down is required for w3

It’s 48-49% not consistent

Do you have Marie fou’d up?


Yeah, then your problem is insufficient overkill, as your damage variance is enough to allow fewer OK hits when you roll low. Just use Waver and you should get 49% reliably.

Just to note, even though Marie is doing plenty of damage to kill the MOBs, she has fewer hits than other quick loopers, so she needs more overall damage buffs than they do to refund with OK hits.

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You can always lead with facecards on the weakest mob to ensure olthat last overkill hit.