Marill Timed Research isn't infinite?

I got the impression it was just like any other timed research, but this happened…

No, the Limited Research always has ended at some point. It was the same with Snubbull, Meowth, Sneasel and Nidoran before. A set amount of tasks to finish in the time period.

I see, probably just didn’t play the others enough

The Limited Research are two sets of 10 parts for 20 parts total.

Going to admit my Western Hemisphere and cranky old man get off my lawn bias here, but really could have done without an event on Mother’s Day. I got through the stupid thing , far as I noticed didn’t get any XL Marill candy, and no chance of catching a good XL IV off an encounter at level 20 with a 10/10/10 base.

I suppose this is where I need an alt account to trade with…