Mash Writeup update?

Will we be getting a new write up for Mash considering the changes made to her skillset for the lostbelts? I honestly feel like her effectiveness has dropped a ton with the new skills and loss of the attack buff on her NP, but I would like to see what you guys suggest doing with her.

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She will become Merlin’s new best friend

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I knew something like this was coming, but I wasn’t aware of the substantial gameplay change. I just looked at it and I have mixed thoughts of it.

Why a Buster up?

Seems like they wanted her to be some neutral damage dealer.
Too bad her damage isn’t that good.

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Unfortunately I am without a Merlin :cry:

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i agree

They nerfed her, hard. Honestly, if not for her zero party cost, I wouldn’t put her in my teams, anymore. She traded Wall of Snowflakes for a useless one-hit buster buff, lost her major NP gain buff that allowed almost instant deployment of Lord Camelot, and the attack buff on her NP is now gone. Oh, and her invulnerability/NP charge is now self-only.

It’s really pretty sad. She went from top-tier support to… Maybe T3-4? Just be happy she only forced into that sprite for story content.


Old mash was upgraded 2 times, a skill and party-wide attack up.
Hoping this one gets some good extra np effect and better 1st skill

Making her hit hard makes sense story-wise but really wishing her 1st skill was something else. party-wide np gain or party-wide bonus damage would fit better than a 1 time crit+buster up…


I’d just wish her new skills where a bit more usefull. Giving Mash an offensive Buff for herself and herself alone is absolutely useless considering her attackpower and the other two skills are pretty much sending Mash on a suicide mission.
But my biggest problem with this is, that they force this in the lostbelts which is imo ridiculous because old Mash was a staple of my team as an absolout wall that would let me survive (almost) anything. That wall is now gone and I’m left standing with my brittle Berserkers and Altria of course.


I suppose this is one way of increasing the difficulty for the lostbelt, by removing an awesome clutch for most players. mash and friend merlin got me through everything before I get my own merlin.

Have she received any buffs in jp? and we can at least hope for a buff in lb6 right?


Her one saving grace is that she has a taunt + invuln on a skill

But yeah, Wall of Snowflakes is one of the best on-demand utilities in FGO so too bad they took it away

I think the recent jp CBC CQ event have a break bar where only mash deals neutral damage and everyone else deals half, so I guess that might be an incentive to use her. But all the video I have seen are either low star clear or 3T with everyone except mash lol

They could have at least made Bunker Bolt 1 full turn, or given it a star pull. I mean, a mana burst on a character with a non-damaging NP is bad enough, but she has sub-10k attack. I mean, really? That skill will amount to, what, an extra 10k damage once every 4 turns? Yipee…

They also added an effect to Mash that increases bond exp for 20% when you use her in LB story quests. In short, they nerfed her, and feel the need to bribe us to use her, anyway.


Or instead of a Buster Buff they could have given her an Arts buff so she’d get her heavily reduced defenses up and running faster, but yeah the way it is now is pretty sad.


oh really it is 20%? I always thought it was some garbage 5%, but 20% is fair since I am losing out bond on 1 servant (100%) but get 5*20% on others.

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I can relate to that. Mash is currently a major CQ saver for me and specially a strong Arts team member. That’s gone as soon as I go through this story.

No Waver or Merlin so it kinda hurts. :feh_elisad:

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she is only locked to the costume in lostbelt though. I am fairly sure that you can switch to original during CQ


You can use her usual costume anywhere else though. It’s only locked to Lostbelts.