Masked Marth - How to Proc Sealed Falchion?

I made a post a long time ago asking for advice with my Masked Marth, and I am once again asking for your financial intellectual support.

This is my current build:

The idea behind Even/Odd Atk Wave was to have an active buff every turn and proc Sealed Falchion’s refined effect. I’m now painfully aware that this leaves her open to Panic skills, and am now considering switching to this:

Fury 3 as a Sacred Seal (when I get the coins for it) would give a stat boost and activate Sealed Falchion by lowering her HP. This lets me keep DC and Spurn, and also leaves her C slot open for something else. I’m thinking Spd Smoke to make the Spurn Spd check easier, or Panic Ploy to utilize her 60 HP.

Any thoughts or suggestions?
I’m trying to think a bit more about my builds, and any input is much appreciated!


Distant Pressure.

A spd push combined with Distant Counter that suits builds running healing specials, also synergizing with Sealed Falchion like Fury does. It’s marginally less damage, but entering lots of combats can make that difference count. You’ll also have a free seal slot for more focused stat boosting skills. Like more res.

You could also just forego self-damage entirely, it’s not too difficult to naturally be below max-health after combat. From the [Bonus] perspective, buffs don’t have to come from Masked Marth’s build, we have opening seals and gap skills that might reach her. There’s also effects like Ground Orders, Peony buffs, maybe you have Ashera, or…

this C-skill if you REALLY value self-sufficiency AND hate Panic skills. Menaces are worth mentioning too.


Like Z3K says, Distant Pressure makes for a solid A Slot to keep Sealed Falchion active. Using it with a healing special actually ensures Marth stays healthy enough to keep activating DP but not at 100% HP so that Sealed Falchion works after the first combat even if Marth has no bonuses active. Personally, I prefer running a C Slot that synergizes with the overall kit AND team support (FEH is a Team-building game, after all!)

I kinda regret not trying to get Flavia when she was added, because imo Red Duel is a solid C Slot for Godsword builds like this. It helps them compete with other godswords better, and can even stop support from Muspell, who can make it harder to withstand multiple rounds of combat. Other than that, there’s Pulse Smoke which can help stop units like Fedel or comps that rely on precharged specials, and there’s always good ol’ Spd Smoke to help ensure Spurn activates as much as possible.


Or Atk/Def push 3 seal for minimum effort. +5 Atk/Def for one fight, take 1 damage, all set.

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I’d rather use a seal that’s active at all times or at least a good amount of time, which is why I’ll never use Push 3 since most of the time it’s a 1 off skill, sure healing fixes that, but Fury 3 works well just as much since you’ll get 3 in all stats and 3 more Spd for Dr is better than none and even with the chip damage after combat a healing special still helps with that since you won’t need to have a bonus active the next combat if it healed you to full due to the chip damage. I ran Fury 4 on my Chrom until getting Duel 4 on him for Arena and Fury worked fine for him when running Sol

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Okay, wow that skill looks cool. I don’t have a Brave Marth to fodder, but I’ll definitely keep this in mind if I ever get one.

Big “if”, I know, but a guy can dream.


Almost forgot about the Rouse Atk/Spd 4 suggestion - that’s another good idea that I’ll keep in mind if I ever pull the fodder!

I personally prefer “within 2 spaces” positioning requirements, but this looks like it’d be worth it for removing Panic.


I’m not usually into skills dependent on color matchups, but I’m starting to warm up to this one. My A-team doesn’t have a blue tank, and Red Feud looks like it could help against more powercrept red units.

I actually have the fodder for this too!

I thought I still had a Flavia, but I foddered her off for Atk/Spd Push and now I regret that decision.

Thanks for the suggestion regardless!


Personally, I’m not enthused by Fury 4 (8 HP per fight is a bit much for me), but Fury in her seal slot seems to be working pretty well for general content.

I happen to have Atk/Spd Push as a seal already, so this is a good suggestion! I might do this while I’m saving up coins for Fury 3.

I do eventually want something that’s almost always active (like what GVader said above), but I do appreciate a quick and dirty solution.

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For the short term:

  • Atk/Def Push seal (low cost, already have) @Dragginz
  • Fury 3 seal (self-damage which works with healing Specials) @GVader

When If I get the fodder:

  • Red Feud (competing with other red units) @SafCar
  • Atk/Spd Menace (Bonus, plus removing panic) @Zartholomew3K
  • Distant Pressure (DC + Atk/Spd + Self-damage) also @Zartholomew3K

I’m going to mark this “answered” - thank you for your suggestions!


I mean it’s arguably a better skill type than Breakers since it also shuts down support in that color, which tends to be the main concern, but like Breaker skills it’s great for units that have that same color since it helps them compete with similar archetypes.

The chip damage isn’t as bad as it sounds as long as you fire off the healing specisls especially if you are running DR in the B Slot