Maskilraid is streaming his suffering in Arena

Come and join my suffering here.


Back at streaming all the events stuff, oh and AR I guess. :feh_morganagrom:


You mentioned fighting my Astra defense on your stream. Is there a video of it? MiThiKaL has been helping me with ranged threats, but I would like to test Gustav more before the defense goes live. You won with a WFae (and TMFM won with a WSothis) and I would like to see if giving Ruptured Sky would be a better special against them without leaving them open to the red powerhouses like your BCelica or Eliwood.

Watching your stream might be helpful (although if you want to test it out, I would really appreciate it). Thanks!

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It’s the Sunday stream.

2 Likes Back on Twitch to suffer in LHB.