Maskilraid's AR Mythic Tier List based on Safety Fence

I did this tier list on stream just now. You can create your own tier list here. For mine, read from left to right for approximate best to worst within the tier. :catroll:


my favorite mythic deadass on the bottom of the list

Seems accurate enough

she deserved better, why did IS do this to her :feh_sothispout:


Aaaaaand insert template…

Alright, got a question for ya… is Eir really around as useful as Freyja on offense?


I made this in like 2 seconds so order within tiers and honestly some tiers are a bit dodgy but eh



With Near Trace on Freyja, yes. Eir simply don’t do enough damage in the upcoming Saves meta, so she is just Temari support at that point.




I want to look like a shallot :onion:


That’s mine, based on my own noob VoH player experience.
'tho to be fair :

  • Dagr/Eir are saved by the +5 Res they give.
  • I know some of you managed to use Freyja decently, i just didn’t.
  • Yune/Sothis are on the right side of the D tier, in this kind of tier list, it means he far bottom of D Tier.

As a savior user, this would be my tier list:


Duma is the only Armored Mythic, which is key to block the movement on defensive save balls. He also comes with a Catapult effect to counter BT and buffs atk, the second most important stat for me. I wish he could be used on both seasons. 10/10 for save balls and must get twice, 6/10 for Catria balls.

Ashera is the only res Anima Mythic. That alone would put her in S easily, but what makes her stand out over the other res Mythic is that she is an amazing support unit. She can give +6 atk/def/res with Def tactics and make sure the buffs stack thanks to her Null Panic. Great backline support unit than can help snipe a unit or get pots thanks to being ranged. 9/10.

Reginn is an amazing Hit and Run unit. She can snipe a nuker that would be hard to tank and spread some debuffs around or get the pots for you. She is the best frontline support who I also wish could be used on both seasons. 9.5/10.

Dagr. Res Mythic with extra slot and mobility. Not as useful as Reginn. 8/10.

Eir. Res Mythic with healing capabilities that can be build as a fully support unit. 8/10.

Seiros. The only 7th Anima Mythic. She made Save Balls possible on defense. Being infantry and melee helps with positioning inside the ball. 7.5/10.

Naga. Good backline support unit thanks to her C prf skill. The extra def is also nice. 7/10

Mila. Her in combat buffs are omnipresent which while small, it’s always great. The extra turn is invaluable. The only reason she is not higher is because def is not that great. 7.5/10.

Mirabilis. Defensive Mythic that grants res. She can also buff and debuff through her dance which is great. 7/10 for save balls, 9/10 for Catria balls.

Sothis. Defensive Mythic that grants res. 6/10.

Bram. Defensive Mythic that can actually kill stuff. Grants attack. 6/10 for save balls 10/10 for Catria ball.

Nott. 7th Mythic slot. Movement can make things weird. 4.5/10 for save balls, 7.5 for Catria balls.

Hel. Def Mythic that can be tough to one-shot. Good Frontliner. 6/10 for Catria Balls, 4/10 save balls.

Thrasir. Def Mythic that can kill stuff with a lot of work. 7/10 for Catria balls, 4/10 save balls.

Triandra. Speed Mythic (meh) with prf dance (good). 2/10 save balls 7.5/10 Catria balls.

Altina. Gives Atk and can be used as a Frontliner support with rein skills. 5/10.

Peony. Speed is the worst Stat and dance doesn’t help much an EP team. 4/10.

Plumeria. Same as Peony, but her debuffs can be useful. 4.5.

Lif/Yune/Ullr/Freyja. Speed Mythics with no good support capabilities. Meh. 0/10.