Master GO Battle League preperations and team composition help

I checked Gamepress, and Pokebattler ML rankings and I think I got a good idea about what to expect. Problem is; my preperations for UL cost me many dust and too many Rare Candy. I can’t max out any other legend or mythical (apart from Melmetal) and I don’t have any good IV non-legendary ML-viable mon. So here is all I can use in ML that was ranked high (all of them are mons I was using in Raids and for gym cleaning):

Darkrai 15atk 15def 12hp- Snarl/ Shadow Ball/ Focus Blast
Groudon 14atk 14def 14hp- Mud Shot/ Earthqueke/ Solar Beam
Kyogre 13atk 14def 15hp- Waterfall/ Surf/ Thunder
Metagross 14atk 15def 14hp- Bullet Punch/ Meteor Mash/ Psychic
Swampert 15atk 15def 14hp- Mud Shot/ Hydro Cannon/ Earthqueke
Articuno- 15atk 15def 13hp- Frost Breath/ Ice Beam (I was using him as Ice-type attacker, but lately he was left behind thanks to all gen 4 ice types, so I wonder if changing him from PvE to PvP would be good option. I was thinking about Ice Shard/ Icy Wind/ Ancient Power moveset)

I also have Meltan I could Max out:

Meltan (Lucky) 12atk 15def 15hp- Melmetal is beast in all Leagues, but I wonder is there any important breakpoint that this one can’t reach with 12atk IV (Normally I prefer to have more balanced IV spread).

What do you think? Who should I focus on?

  • Darkrai
  • Groudon
  • Kyogre
  • Metagross
  • Swampert
  • Articuno
  • Meltan/ Melmetal

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Remember, it’s highly likely that the start of ML sub-season will see loads of Rhyperior’s with Rock Wrecker so…maybe don’t pick something weak to that?


me, having multiple maxed Grass or Water types


In the CP capped leagues, one could power up to a moderate level, and buy 3move cheaply on some pokemon, and be competitive. Even if one can get to 3move cheaply, powering up to level 40, even when lucky, is fairly expensive.

I anticipate seeing fewer maxed out legendaries, and some people going with with pokemon not even maxed out. For example, a level 32 player can’t power up to level 40, so they are out of luck when it comes to reaching the top shelf.

Personally, I have 98% Giratinas (both types) maxed out and 3moved, Dialga, Togekiss, Dragonite (has hurricane to hit Fairies somewhat harder) and a few other optimized pokemon.

What I expect to not see much of is Darkrai - can’t get it lucky because it can’t be traded, so very expensive to max out and 3move.

Sure, there will be maxed out teams, but a lot of suboptimal ones too. Hoping they are easy pickings. Expect a fair amount of Swampert, Snorlax, Melmetal (candy is practically free from Meltan box). So want to be sure to be able to counter those. Swampert is a pain, there’s little good grass at this level.

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I think Metagross, as a decent Dialga and Giratina counter, is also king here. With EQ though, because running Psychic means you get walled by that same Dialga (or other Steel/types).

I also am not planning on giving 2nd moves to all those mad legendaries. I’m thinking using something like Swampert, Metagross and either Mamoswine, Snorlax, Groudon, Giratina Origin, Melmetal, Garchomp or Mewtwo. I like Mewtwo because you don’t know what it can throw at you; Psystrike, Ice Beam, Shadow Ball or Focus Blast

I’m gonna see how my current team fares before I drop that 75K on my Metagross, which may not even get an EQ off…

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For the 10 battles or so that I’ll do, i think I’ll use swampert, togekiss and snorlax.
The togekiss is already maxed and the other two are on my maxing out waiting list.
Not sure about the togekiss though. Charm sucks regarding energy gain.

I’m probably just gonna go Melmetal/Kyogre/Raikou (main) and darkrai/kyogre/(insert dialga counter here) on alt at first until i get the hang of the meta. eff second moves, i have one on melmetal but probably not going to bother with the others. kyogre darkrai raikou are all maxed already anyway

I have one of those. I caught a perfect, and maxing it out and fully loading it seemed the thing to do. I’m not sure I will use it, though. It is a little on the frail side.

I’m going full Dialga counters - Machamp, Excadrill, something. I haven’t decided on a third yet.

Darkrai, Mamoswine and Metagross is mine because they are high level. No way I am unlocking 2nd move though.

For rocket battles, I already have the following at level 40 (many but not all are lucky):

Giratina-O, 98%, SC/SB/OW
Giratina-A, 98%, DB/DC/AP
Dialga, 91%, DB/TB/IH
Togekiss, 93%, Ch/AP/Ft
Heatran, 91%, FS/SE/Ft
Mewtwo, 91%, PC/SB/IB
Kyogre, 100%, Wf/Su (no 3rd move)
Garchomp, 93%, MSh/EQ/Or
Tyranitar, 93% purified, SD/Cr/SE
Metagross, 93%, BP/MM/Eq
Dragonite, 98%, DB/DC/Hu
Melmetal, 96%, TS/Sp/RS
Swampert, 98%, MSh/HC/Eq

I figure that with this list, I can put together a decent team. I think the 3rd moves are critical, they save your bacon when you’re in a bad matchup, or provide versatility for a pokemon to be strong against two different foes.

I also have a lucky Machamp at level 40 with Counter, Dynamic Punch and Cross Chop, I could TM him to rock slide, losing either of the other moves. Also, have a 100% Hariyama at level 36 with Co/DP.

While this post might seem like a brag, understand that the really serious PvPers out there will have higher IVs, more typings, and more options. So if you’re trying to fight in the ML on a budget, understand that this is what you could be going up against.

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These are my 2 charged move Masters options, disregarding Swampert/Gyarados/Melmetal which are/can be easy to get candy for. Tough for me to get any others at this point, I have Giratina-O maxed but not going to get the other move. I have 4 maxed Kyogre and 3 maxed Groudon, 5 Dragonite, oof…none with the extra move

How many players will have these teams though?

Most will just use their raiding teams with a few TMs and single charged moves except starters (expect a ton of these) or community day mons with loads of candy available to buy this expensive second charged attacks.

Serious players will spend a ton of dust and candy buying second moves and rising Pokemon, in 3 days they will be in rank 10 against other players with similar squads winning close to 50% and getting the same rewards than the rest who will be winning 50% in rank 7 against the mono-charged attack squads…

I personally don’t expect many legendary mons maxed to 40 with second charged attacks in rank 7/8.


I dunno. I’m constantly running into people who have 500,000, 1 mil dust, etc, just because they sit on it forever. VS someone like me, who never has any dust but has dozens of stacked teams for any purpose imaginable. But when GML drops, a good portion of those people might take notice and dump their dust into some scary stuff.

Okay, thanks everyone. I think I start with Melmetal/ Darkrai/ Swampert team and if it doesn’t work out change something, but I think those 3 cover nicely each other weaknesses and counter top meta pick, not to mention Darkrai can be a suprise to see (impossible to trade, only available in one event on tier 6 raids) and I learned in my Great and Ultra League battles that having something ,off-meta’’ or simply suprising can get you a win (Delcatty in GL was my MVP, same for Drifblim in Ultra).

Also, I’m suprised no one recommend Articuno. In Ultra League I learned how good Icy Wind atk debuff is, thanks to Drifblim, so I thought it would be good at supporting rest of team with right switch-play and energy saving.

Your team Just dies to one Machamp

No Dialga and no Giratina = no win

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I’m tempted to add Excadrill to my ML lineup and experiment with it’s performance, particularly against other steels (as they’ll likely be popular picks). Seems like it does well in the following scenarios:

• Completely walls Dialga by resisting every single move it can learn and hitting back for SE.

• Walls Altered Giratina when it isn’t running Shadow Sneak (which it probably won’t be). DB variants get walled even harder.

• Takes advantage of Heatran’s 2x weakness to Ground. Doesn’t like Fire Spin, but should bring Heatran down much faster.

• Positive matchup against all Melmetal movesets except Super Power. Even then, the debuff puts Melmetal in a bad position. I think Excadrill can survive one SP.

• Positive matchup against Metagross, but will need to burn a shield for Earthquake to avoid getting one-shotted.

• Positive matchup against Tyranitar. Specifically Smackdown variants.

• Positive matchup against Raikou, but will need shields if the opponent gets to a second Shadow Ball.

• Decent matchup against Charm users like Gardevoir (if anyone actually runs it). Not-so-great matchup against Togekiss where it relies on Rock Slide for damage.

• Probably gets murdered by Lucario, but can at least take out a considerable amount of its HP just from quick move damage before going down. Will want to swap out here if possible.


Excadrill doesn’t sound like a terrible idea, but remember he is a fragile young man after all