Master league but with no dragons

Ok so, I have actually thought about how master league would be like without dragons… byebye stupid garchomp, see ya stupid dialga, goodnight annoying dragonite… literally 70% of the core meta is gone eithout dragons… however, I don’t think niantic will make a special league like this. Anyways, what is the most annoying dragon you encounter in GBL master league? (Mine is mud shot garchomp and dragon tail garchomp)

Use togekiss. Problem solved

Yes togekiss kills dragons… but melmetal, mewtwo rhyperior and alot of other things demolish it cuz charm sucks for energy. Even worse, most dragons have a coverage move to deal alot of damage to togekiss, like iron head for dialga

Mmmm… Mamoswine?

Used to be Garchomp. Probably still Garchomp, in part because there’s two variants and they each have a different style of play, each requiring a slightly different counter (from my team anyway). Still like it though, but the idea of a non-Dragon ML is interesting…give me a second! :timer_clock:

Did a sim, here’s what the top ‘mon are:

Big movement is the Ground v Electric meta inclusion. Looks a lot like season 3ish with Mewtwo, Groudon and Kyogre being super popular. Aahh…the good ol’ days when every team had a big blue whale…:whale:

Wailord: Kyogre is a little blue whale for sure.

Interesting to notice the absence of steel and fairy types.

I’m guessing Groudon being top pick (with Buzzwole in 3rd) is what’s suppressing the Steel-types (notice Genesect is the only one making top 15 and that’s because of a Neutral match vs Ground and Fighting). None of the Darks either which is weird with Mewtwo being so high…:confused:

I love meloetta. I maxed mine

I guess so. Meloetta is up higgh though cuz it walls mewtwo. Groudon… shouldnt be there.

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Instead there are alot of psychics and flyers


Toge beats garchomp, garchomp beats melmetal, melmetal beats toge, right? This is a RPS game after all…

Máster league was very fun for 2 or 3 seasons, in my personal opinion the best meta in pogo, but XL candy kind of ruined it, because a lot of species became impossible to get to normal people. In classic we have lugia, groudon, zacian and stuff to deal with dragons, but they are hard to get to us mortals these days. Also the rise of dragons happened because they tend to be easier to get. A lot of pseudos had community days, are sort of common spawns, you can Mass trade, etc. You are a garchomp user yourself (despite hating it), as you said.

But don’t be so sad, zacian is announced as a raid boss this August, you’re going to miss the “stupid dragón meta” next rotation, that’s for sure.


I love to see my boy SNEASLER there in the top despite having 1000 CP less (sometimes even more) than masters kings!!! Imagine if Niantic wouldn’t take away Ice punch from it.

This meta seems fun, but please Niantic gave us Premier Máster again next season! No more sinnoh/hissui suffering.

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