Master League Dilema

So yesterday I got a 100% Zekrom, this is my first useful hundo ever and made me really happy.

On the negative side it is my Alt account which was never intended for PVP but rather to support in raids and has not got access to many resources because I invested in UL thinking it will never be competitive in Masters.

BUT I would like to give it a go, it is currently ranked 2150 and I have holidays so could do 5 rounds per day.

In resources I have

  • 1.5M dust
  • One elite TM
  • Plenty of normal TMs
  • 280 RC

96% Groudon at lv40 but only one charged attack and 20 groudon candy.
98% Mewtwo at lv40 (Psystrike) but only one charged attack and 50 Mewtwo candy
100% Zekrom at lv 28 with one charge move and zero zekrom candy (196 candy to 40)

I will not be able to get all 3 ready for ML but I can have combinations of two and an underpowered/single charge Pokemon.

What would be the best pair?
Who will be a good companion for them? I have some others available but there are some major gaps in my alt’s dex (no MM metagross, no dialga, no palkia, no togekiss, etc).

Groudon (use elite TM there), Mewtwo, Dragonite?
Groudon, Zekrom (Underpowered) and ???

My life was easier when I was only to play ML with my main.

How far can you power up Zekrom with getting all second moves? Apart from that, Mewtwo with just psystrike sounds ok if you have fire punch groudon after tm, nice… I ran it for a long time also with one move only, why not try first and give Zekrom initially two moves?

I am not sure, it will depend on my luck during the last zekrom raid hour today.

Mewtwo only needs 50RC to be workable
Groudon needs 80RC and an elite TM
This leaves around 150RC left BUT Zekrom needs around 200 to power up to 40 and 100 for a second move.

I am 150 candy short but with raid hour tonight if I am lucky I’d get closer.

Also met a friend with a switch so next week I’d have a melmeltan at 40 with double charge move ready that could slot in place of any of the other 3.

Remember that Zekrom will be around until next Tuesday, today is just the last raid hour. If you can’t raid much outside of raid hours because of group issues, try forming an informal group to do a few raids until next week. If nothing else, your RC will go up some.

Good luck.

Thank you, I am visiting the in-laws over the weekend and have not been able to contact the local community there.

Still will get some candy from 3/4 star raids.

In case I don’t make it: Will it be better to play Zekrom underpowered, without a second charge attack or just use melmeltan until it is fully ready?

I’m not sure either of those is the best option. Started to explain why, and I found that it really should be it’s own post. So check here: Mega panic, and why you shouldn't.

In short, I’d suggest not committing any scarce resources to the Tau trio until we have a better picture of how it all works.