Mat Focus Updated: Where to Find Your $#!) - A Selection of Old and New Materials

The veterans here have no doubt already been checking drop rates, but for those of us who either farm very casually (if at all) or who are newer to the game (welcome, recent arrivals!), here’s a quick update with helpful links for when you’re looking to raise those new LB3 Servants and with next year in mind:

(Edit: Added Nobu Avenger - thanks, @Tirpitz_007!)

Giant’s Ring

Xiang Yu wants 72.
Incoming welfare Santa Quetz wants 30.
2021 Servants who also want them: Arjuna Alter, Ganesha, Musashi Summer, Kingprotea, Astolfo (Saber), Jason

There aren’t that many Giant’s Rings in the 2021 event shops, so anyone who doesn’t already have a large stockpile or who is aiming to raise more than one or two of these Servants needs to get busy. See the GP link below for drop locations ranked by AP efficiency, but choose your preferred spot based on other drops you need to determine your most overall efficient location.

Giant’s Ring | Fate Grand Order Wiki - GamePress

Mystic Gunpowder

Xiang Yu wants 161.
2021 Servants who will want powder: Santa Nightingale, Space Ishtar, Lakshmi Bai, Bartholomew Robers, Calamity Jane, Osakabehime (Archer), Nobunaga (Avenger)

Gunpowder isn’t bad to farm, but many Servants want it in tremendous quantities.

Mystic Gunpowder | Fate Grand Order Wiki - GamePress

Reactor Core of Dawn

Xiang Yu, Yu Miaoyi, and Qin Shi Huang want 53, 36, and 60, respectively.
2021 Servants: Ashwatthama, Da Vinci (Rider), Osakabehime (Archer), Okita Souji (Assassin), Kingprotea, Space Ishtar, Europa, Nobunaga (Avenger)

Cores are worse to farm than Giant’s Rings, but significantly easier than hearts. Thankfully, the node that appears to be the most AP-efficient for cores also features bells as an added bonus! Event shops will give us some, but not enough to raise more than one core-intensive Servant comfortably.

Reactor Core of Dawn | Fate Grand Order Wiki - GamePress

Soundless Bell

Yu Miaoyi, Qin Shi Huang, Red Hare, and Qin Liangyu want 44, 36, 48, and 60, respectively.
2021 Servants: Li (Assassin), Murasaki, Benienma, Ganesha, Chen Gong, Hokusai (Saber), Reines, Nobunaga (Avenger)

The most AP-efficient location for bells offers no other drops of note; for almost everyone the better bet will be to farm the top drop location for cores since it also drops bells. Only farm the most efficient bell-only node if you are in a huge hurry or need no cores for the foreseeable future.

Soundless Bell | Fate Grand Order Wiki - GamePress


Even as a low frequency gacha master, mystic gunpowder is needed in such obscene amounts (and no lottery will feature it). With Anastasia and atalante alter that can spook (and I have them), avicebron, ryoma and santa nightingale you are already looking at easily over 500 of the damn thing.

Given that, my preferred farming location is actually the abandoned village since both gunpowder and stingers drop at a pretty decent rate. Those with lanling and xiang yu might want to give that a shot


no matter where you go to find core of dawn, you’re gonna have a horrible time. 100+ ap drop rate everywhere. expect to go a full ap bar without a single drop (of both cores and the other mat) on more the a couple of occasions.


The core nodes suck. Good thing the only servant I care about that needs them is QSH. Just 17 more to go!


Cores aren’t nearly as bad as I’d been led to believe in the past. 104 AP/drop isn’t that bad for a gold mat, especially when you can farm a silver mat at an okay drop rate simultaneously.

For the best core node I use this to 3T:

3-4T without the MLB scopes and NP5 SSRs should be pretty easy to reverse engineer for most rosters, especially if they have Santa Jalter or a comparably hard-hitting Lancer for the last wave.

Where do I find my Rate up SR, He seems to have gone missing.

No but seriously thanks this is neat

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My core node team is a bit jank and I only use it cause I’m avoiding using servants already at bond ten

Skadi is just there cause she’s like 170k to bond 10


I need one of these… next year. When eggs come to haunt us. Especially because I am not sure I want to beat that LB when it releases.

I’m still good on gunpowder while the giant rings I do need for Junao next year which I still have a lot of time to farm for. Santa Quetz needing rings and Ash with Cores was called to my attention so this is very much appreciated.

Got to say, I’m worried about my rng. Just ran prison 7 times, got core 6 times ^^
Hopefully thats a sign that I should summon QSH

Don’t forget the Demon King! Nobuvenger wants 45 each of Cores, Bells, and Powders

Oh I forgot she was 2021! Thanks

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Grand Order Drop Rates- Advanced - Google Sheets

I know GP also has the drop rates, but on the mat page they only show a few and then on the quest page they have the percentage but not the actual AP/drop for stuff, so this is the sheet that I’ve always used for it.


That’s a nice resource for everything at a glance.

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Grand Order Drop Rates - Google Drive

This is the “simple” copy of the sheet as well, a bit less detail but more focused. It’s closer to what GP offers.


I know the shell drop rate at Observatory says around 40%, but it feels like 20% sometimes :|

Sometimes, drop rate lies too

Thanks now I am having flashback to that one extra master mission where you need to get 1 shell and it took me 2 bars :fgo_insane:

Aww man
Chen Gong and Hokusaber need bells

Guess that’s another thing I need to farm :catcry:

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Curse you summer servants, why must you all desire shells

I mean I love you all, but still