Mats farming in Rashomon

If i want to farm the mat drops on day 7? Should I do the 2BP node or the 3BP one? Which is more efficient for drops?

checking the gamepress guide, it looks like 3BP for mats, 2BP for gems

Not true actually. 3BP does have higher drop rates, but they are not 50% higher, so running 2BP is more efficient overall in any situation.

This I don’t understand. In the guide the BP per drop are listed as lower for the 3BP node than the 2BP node. The ratio already factors in that the 3BP node costs more, hence the 3BP node should be more efficient for mats.

Yet the guide still concludes that the 3BP node is less rewarding. It seems to me this statement is only true when factoring in the time it takes to complete the 3BP node compared to the 2BP one.

It’s due to the large difference in gem drops we noted.

But none of this is relevant anymore - NA data is coming in it’s so different from our findings that we’re actually going to remove all drop data outside of a few nodes.

We’d just be misleading you.


BTW, I’ve been studying the data from the drop sheet, and with respect to gourds, Slaying (6M) has a very, very slight edge on Bullying (3M) currently. My analysis puts it at about a difference of 0.6 per BP, which is about 4%. However, this is based on a zero drop bonus. The difference increases as you get better drop bonuses. For example, at +10/stack, it’s about a difference of 4.2/BP, or about 7%.

However, keep in mind this is with the same drop bonus for each run. If you have to run with even a single -1 drop on 6M, it will have worse gourd drop rates than 3M. But if you can kill the arms and get at least 4.5M DP with the same bonus, it will be ever so slightly better.

I’ll probably not worry about until I’ve gotten closer to clearing the DP ladder, where I can sacrifice DP for drops. (I think–it’s been said that Ibaraki doesn’t drop any currency herself, right? Otherwise, not killing her would certainly decrease the currency drops, in which case it probably isn’t a viable strategy anyways.)

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So which node should i farm for efficiency? 6m or 3m?

Good to know. Either way, the fact that I can finish the 3M Ibaraki in 2 turns, while I usually need a minimum of 6 turns for the 6M Ibaraki made me change my mind. :smile:

she does, but not much. if my last run is any indication

had 13 chests after killing the hands, which bumped up to 14 after finishing off Ibaraki the next turn

I’ve only been doing the 2BP -> 3M HP Ibaraki, since the guide says it’s more efficient overall (hopefully)

We don’t really need to try the 6M HP raid, right? not even once?

According to the new drop sheet data that is coming in:

  • 3M is slightly better for gems than 6M
  • Gourd drops are almost the same; 6M is very slightly better, but if you can still clear 3M by dropping a damage CE for a drop bonus CE, even +1, that you wouldn’t be able to run in the 6M node, 3M will win for gourds again
  • Ascension material drops are slightly better for 6M, but still garbage (10-12 BP per one material drop -> 9-10 BP per one material drop)

If you want to choose between 3M and 6M, imo your best bet is to, in order of priority:

  1. decide if you need gems, if yes run 3M no matter what because gems are absolute garbage to farm in free quests and dailies
  2. focus on gourds, if you have only the free +1 CE and you can’t clear 6M with it, run 3M so you can use it; that way you’ll be able to get enough gourds to clear the shop except for pieces and monuments by the end of the event
  3. if you’re overpowered and can clear 6M even with drop CEs of at least +1, run that for the slight bonus in ascension materials

Basically, for 9/10 people, 3M is best even with the new drop data. 6M becomes a viable option in some cases, but for the large majority of people 3M is still best overall imo.

All of this takes into account the BP/drop values.


well then, guess I’ll be swapping a non-MLB carp for my Tamamo CE in the future

and if I’m lucky and get 2 more carp drops sometime, this won’t change my damage numbers ether

Keep in mind this only applies if you don’t need gems. Unless you’re still loaded from the Christmas lottery, I’d take the opportunity to get slightly more gems over the pitiful increase in ascension material drops, because your only good source of gems is the lotteries twice per year, so if you’re out of stock now you’re looking at gem drought for another 4 months. Materials on the other hand are more specific; some of them just pile up without getting used depending on your roster and event shops generally have a nice spread of materials throughout the year, making them generally less of a pain to stock up on once you’ve run out.

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@Inkaflare is absolutely correct in the assessment, but I will note that I believe the drop rates to improve gem-wise as we move into the later quests. Mobs do get stronger and even the fragmented data we had indicated gem drop were better than the first day (the 19 samples we had for Archer also had a 16% drop rate).

We’ll see how things progress - but I doubt this changes anything about the advice. Ultimately the difference is so minor that it just doesn’t really matter as long as you spend your BP on either difficulty.

I’ll go with 2 BP mainly because it’s less time consuming and gives more bond points.

Lancer and Assassin gems are by far my worst right now, due to a combination of getting Lartoria+Jack around New Year’s and then Melt eating up even more during SE.RA.PH (and still needing more to hit 2 of her skills to lv7). with everything else being a decent until the next NeroFest 40-80+ range, except Casters which are slightly lower. but Casters have like the only decent dailies drop rate for them, so I tend to drop a few apples any time half AP training grounds is going on. especially since having nearly every caster out now and wanting plenty in the future means I’m in basically eternal hell for stuff like gold Caster gems and pages (very much looking forward to NeroFest lotto for both my pages and medals needs, and to make chains even further obsolete for me)

tbh, I’ll probably just switch around based on how much I value getting the materials for the time being. with biggest priority being proofs up until I have at least 20 to further ascending everyone and pages likely until I run out of my current donut stash

so I guess current plan will be

day 1: just doing 6m focusing on DP ladder so I can get it over with
day 2: do 3m because these are the most worthless materials for me and I always need Caster gems
day 3: do 6m until if I get enough proofs, and then switch to 3m for the gems
day 4: 3m for gems
day 5: probably 6m for the mats
day 7: 6m to further my never being out of hearts