Max Fou'ing Arash


Since Arash is a single-use wave killer, would it be worth it to use HP or at least ATK Fous on him to ensure he kills enemies with higher HP? Or is simply max leveling enough to take care of most things?


If you have fous laying around and no one else to use them on, then ATK would be fine


Arash has a small chance of not 1 hit k.o. an enemy with 21k+ hp (ie, ember dailies). If you aren’t using any attack buffs, some fous will help eliminate that risk.

Every 3* ATK Fou increases his NP damage by about 150 (300 versus Saber), roughly speaking.


I always recommend to give fous to servants you usually use, no matter the rarity.


YES! I maxed mine’s attack. It’s very worth it especially if you use him a lot.

Max his last skill while you’re at it.


I found that Arash cannot always consistently kill hands on ember dailies when he doesn’t have class advantage. Fou’ing him changed this. So yea, I’d say that giving him fou cards is worth it.


Okay, I’ll max ATK Fou him. Thanks for all the input everyone!